HRT F111 finally unveiled in Barcelona

Better late than never! The F111 breaks cover today

The HRT F111 has finally been unveiled in Barcelona today, althoyfh ;ack of parts meant it did not run.

That gives the team just a day of testing in the wet tomorrow before it’s shipped to Melbourne, unless they can squeeze in some private running somewhere, on the basis that they have not used all their days yet.

The car has been designed by a team led by technical director Geoff Willis and chief designer Paul White.

It uses a 2010 Williams gearbox, and like the other new teams, HRT will not have a KERS system this year. The chassis was made in Austria by CarboTech.

“Starting the programme to develop the F111 has been an enormous challenge,” said Willis. “The group of engineers working from many separate locations had to produce the 2011 HRT chassis to meet the new regulations, package the Williams LG14 transmission, design all new rear suspension to suit and develop a complete aero package.

“Given the tight time frame, I am very impressed with the result and the enormous efforts everyone has put in to achieve the objective. However we have to be realistic in our expectations of performance; this is very much a baseline car which the team must develop in 2011.”


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21 responses to “HRT F111 finally unveiled in Barcelona

  1. asphotos

    I wonder if genera dynamics will ask them to change the name.

    im already mixing up my race car and my medium-range interdictor and tactical strike aircraft that also fills the roles of strategic bomber..

  2. Do they have enoguh spare parts in case of a crash?

  3. Stone the crows

    Adam, do you think HRT will run on Saturday? Word is that it will probably be wet.

  4. kristian

    Let’s go HRT, F1 needs more privateer underdogs to keep the suits nervous. Interesting livery. A nimble, lateral thinking, expanding company has to see the massive opportunity a cut price title sponsorship would provide. This team will keep ticking as long as it has a constant stream of cash, even if it’s tiny compared to the front teams. Kolles’ inexhaustible ability to pull off the impossible combined with their technical group, Liuzzi and Karthikeyan (who, let’s admit, is near the top of the pay driver pyramid and nowhere near the disasters-waiting-to-happen we’ve suffered through in the past) demonstrate this isn’t Andrea Moda Formula reprised. Honestly, think of what a Facebook, Apple, or Google could do with title sponsorship plus B2B deals promoting different apps that would tie social networking into F1? Infinite.

  5. I luv chicken

    Bring on the 107% rule. Wonder if they’ll even need spare parts, if they don end up as non-qualifiers.?

  6. co

    everybody laughs at HRT… but they didn´t finish in last position last year and I think they wont be last this one…
    Last year the car was slow but confident… and they look in better shape this year.

    Virgin is goingo to be complicated…

    • Stone the crows

      Quite, they’re the one’s who have done the least development over the winter. Of couse no one, including HRT has any idea what the F111 will do, but to their credit, despite the setback with Toyota, they’ve fielded a completely new car. Hope they can tap into some sponsorship soon. As for the 107 percent rule, I think that could possibly bite other teams beside the three sophomores.

  7. SJ

    I’m all for underdogs and all the wonders Hispania have pulled out of the hat, but I think there should be a rule that not team can race a car until it’s covered at least 2000km of testing.

  8. Stone the crows

    Just saw that Hispania will not run Saturday because of parts. From what I understand a damper is being held in customs-a damper being shipped from the United States I might add. Bad luck, to make it to Barcelona only to have to pull up stakes and head to Melbourne without so much as a shakedown lap.

  9. RedLineTire

    I don’t think they ever planned to run in Barcelona. ‘Parts in customs’ is a not so clever excuse to me. It’s all a show to try to get investors on board.

    • tom baker

      I’m inclined to agree with that. We see other teams getting massive upgrade packages in and HRT can’t find a shock absorber?

      • Stone the crows

        Don’t you think they’d have gotten more investors by actually running the car ont the track? I’m not an HRT fan per se, just not seeing the logic here. Bringing your car to Barcelona with no intention of running it, but only to show it for potential sponsors and then concocting such an embarassing story to cover your real intentions of just having a brief dog-and-pony show? I find that harder to believe than a damper from the US stuck in customs.

      • RedLineTire

        @Stone – of course they’d get more out of running the car. But if you have no money for parts, you have no money for parts. I’m guessing not only dampers, but radiators, exhaust and other pieces are missing from the shell they rolled out. This is all rampant speculation of course on my part. But having been active in a few start up operations in my day, I know how the game is played. And this looks very familiar to me…

      • Stone the crows

        Thanks for your reply, that does make sense.

  10. John

    “Your Comment Here”

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