Mark Robinson 1974-2013

The marshal who died in Montreal on Sunday has been named in the Canadian media as 38-year-old Mark Robinson.

Robinson, who was single and worked in logistics for UPS, was crushed by the wheels of a recovery crane carrying the Sauber of Esteban Gutierrez.

Robinson is described by friends as a racing fanatic for whom the chance to work at the Canadian GP was a highlight of his year. He would have turned 39 tomorrow [Wednesday].

Friend and former roommate Marty Dewey told the Canadian Press: “F1 for him was kind of like getting a chance to be a roadie for the Rolling Stones once a year. He thought about it, talked about it. For a quiet guy, if you started talking F1 with this guy, you wouldn’t be able to quiet him down.”

Known as ‘Coach’ by his friends, he had a wide range of other sporting interests, and was a regular softball player.

This writer, who watched the first half of the Canadian GP standing with the marshals stationed at Turn 2, sends his condolences to Mark’s family, friends and fellow officials.


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5 responses to “Mark Robinson 1974-2013

  1. Albert

    This type of volunteer is the backbone of much of Motorsport.

    Perhaps the track could recognize him in some form, maybe at next year’s F1 race.

  2. The unsung heroes of the sport, RIP Mark!

  3. Adam, thank you very much for this brief, yet touching, tribute. I, like many others, no doubt, was very distressed to hear this news after the conclusion of the GP. I think that the description you quoted sums up the personality of many a Formula 1 Fan: “For a quiet guy, if you started talking F1 with this guy, you wouldn’t be able to quiet him down”. Just such a shame that ‘Coach’ had to pay such a heavy price for his passion as a result of this freak accident. I have always admired the Canadian GP for its interested and enthusiastic fans and I trust and hope that in future years Mark will not be forgotten. RIP.

  4. CTP

    Compassionately written. Thank you Adam.

  5. James Rene

    R.I.P. Mark

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