Button upbeat on McLaren’s Silverstone prospects

Jenson Button blamed his one-stop strategy for a disappointing run to 12th place in Montreal, where both McLaren drivers missed the points.

Meanwhile Button is adamant that his team can take a step forward at the next race on home ground at Silverstone.

“I’m still looking forward to it,” he said. “It’s the home Grand Prix and it’s always exciting racing in front of the home crowd. Also I love Silverstone, it’s a great circuit. Are we going to be quick there, or quicker? Yes, we had some parts on the car here that didn’t work for this type of circuit, but we know they’ll work for Silverstone.

“So yes I’m looking forward to it, and I think we can start picking up bigger points, like the last few races, really. I don’t think we’re going to be on the podium, but getting into the points has got to be our aim.”

Button struggled in the race with tyre issues in his first stint and then an overly conservative pace in the second.

“We went for a one-stop strategy which worked for some people, doing prime and option. I went option-prime, and the problem was on the first stint I had so much graining. I was getting overtaken by the people that had stopped, which cost me a lot of time.

“It is what it is, and then we tried to settle into a pace on the prime tyre in the second stint which was way too slow. We’ve got to look into why we thought that was quick enough, that lap time. As soon as I started pushing the pace was quite a bit better. In the end we had very old tyres and we were quicker than the cars in front. Still, outside the points, and a lot of work to do.”

Asked if he would have preferred rain, Jenson said: “I don’t really know what we hoped for this weekend! It rained yesterday and we didn’t really take much out of that either. We’ve just got to get our act together and improve.”


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2 responses to “Button upbeat on McLaren’s Silverstone prospects

  1. GeorgeK

    “…I don’t think we’re going to be on the podium, but getting into the points has got to be our aim.”

    Oh how the mighty have fallen! Time to bring back everyone’s favorite McLaren-ista, Ron Dennis? While often unbearable in his dealings with others the man DID manage good results. Except for that Spygate kerfluffle and his inability to ride herd on the Alonso/Hamilton driver spat. Oh yeah, didn’t that also contribute fuel to the Spygate fire as well? Never mind, leave Ron as overall head of the empire!

    • Alexander

      Ron had his own mighty fall period … remember the McLaren Peugeot days? Coming shortly after the Senna days the fall was meteoric, and it took the best part of a decade to rebuild the team with Mercedes

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