Ross Brawn: “Clearly we have to find a bit more pace”

Ross Brawn says that Mercedes learned little about its current form on Pirelli tyres in Canada, given the unusual nature of the track.

Although Lewis Hamilton ultimately lost second place to Fernando Alonso, the Brit nevertheless had a strong race to third, with a solid opening stint. Nico Rosberg in contrast had a less happy run to fifth.

“It is difficult to judge,” Brawn told this blog. “Montreal is a track where you can easily moderate the stress on the tyre, because it’s down to wheelspin, it’s down to how you use the throttle, there aren’t any massive loadings in corners. So it’s a little bit too early to judge.”

Nevertheless Brawn says that Canada was a good weekend for Mercedes.

“I think it was a pretty reasonable race to be honest from where we were. If we look at our performance on Friday, it didn’t look great, so it was a pretty reasonable race from there.

“Clearly we have to find a bit more pace if we want to be a real contender, but it’s somewhat of a step from where we were last year. Overall it was a pretty good job by the team during quite a challenging weekend.”

Regarding Hamilton’s apparent resurgence he said: “They go up and down, it’s inevitable. It was a Lewis up weekend and maybe a Nico down weekend. We can’t complain about third and fifth.”

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