Blocked 2014 Le Mans date avoids New Jersey/US Open clash

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has blocked the June 14-15 date for next year’s Le Mans 24 Hours “to ensure that a Formula One Grand Prix is not hosted that weekend.”

Crucially that also means that the New Jersey F1 race won’t clash with the US Open, as that date was in theory one week after the Canadian GP, and thus the expected slot for the new event.

A clash would have created a problem for NBC – and potentially hit the level of corporate entertainment in New Jersey, since high rollers might prefer to take up invitations to the golf.

It remains to be seen how Bernie Ecclestone manages to squeeze New Jersey into the calendar. Monaco is scheduled for May 25, which will make it impossible to run the North American races on June 1 and 8. It could be that the June 8 and 22 dates are used instead – but that presents obvious logistical problems.


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4 responses to “Blocked 2014 Le Mans date avoids New Jersey/US Open clash

  1. Richard

    How about Silverstone June 8th, Canada June 22nd, New Jersey June 29th? That would also mean the British GP didn’t clash with the World Cup.

  2. John Choate

    The Austin F1 race happening the same weekend as a UT home football game is even a bigger disaster. Two 100,000+ events happening at once using the same area downtown for tailgating and shuttling people to the track will be an epic cluster&*ck.

    • Steve W

      Exactly. That little conflict is going to be a big mess and the FIA needs to change the Austin GP date ASAP. Not sure why they’re so concerned about the New Jersey GP which still seems to be in that “and a miracle occurs” category…

  3. CTP

    Jun 8 Canada.
    Jun 13-14 Watkins Glen test.
    Jun 22 New Jersey.
    You’re welcome, Bernie.

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