Ecclestone extends deadline to save US GP

Bernie Ecclestone has given COTA an extra week to save the US GP.

Ecclestone had insisted that today was the final chance, and it’s believed that COTA’s Bobby Epstein and Steve Sexton met with him in London.

The extra week will push the decision all the way to the crucial World Motor Sport Council meeting in Delhi on December 7.

“The deadline hasn’t been met so we are still trying to make it happen,” Ecclestone told AP tonight. “They need to get some money and a pen. They are struggling to get the financial side sorted out.”

He added: “If it isn’t all signed before the World Motor Sport Council meeting [the race] can’t happen.”


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8 responses to “Ecclestone extends deadline to save US GP

  1. Thanks Adam. You are smoking the competition here in Austin on reporting these things. Thank You.
    Now then… Can I hold my breath another Week? It’s killing me…

  2. Good luck to Bobby and Steve! Every fan of F1 we know in the U.S. is holding there breath hoping for success. It is important that an event like this make a profit though.! Why else would capitalists put their money at risk? (we are still capitalists in this country and not socialists still…right Obama?
    John at Grand Prix Investors Fund

  3. Steve C

    I guess this is Bernie being Bernie…

  4. American F1 fan

    Let me get this straight. There was a payment deadline. The American’s missed it. They treated it like they were paying their CitiCard bill and decided it wasn’t important that month. The problem is they had a contract. And by not paying, they breached that contract. This is somehow Bernie’s fault? Don’t get me wrong, I dislike the weasel as much as anyone but the Austin problem is yet another failed American F1 fiasco. I hope they get it together, but in order to do so they will need to remove someone’s head from the hole in their backside. That might take hydraulics, but it’s important. As an American, these repeated failures are embarrassing beyond words. Is this what this country has become? The group that put this fiasco together should be taken out back and horsewhipped.

  5. The teams of F1 want U.S. presence, sponsors want U.S. exposure its that simple. We are still the greatest economic power in the world. So does that seem like an enviroment where you need to come to the table with your hat in your hand? No of course not. So when F1 wants to play in the U.S. maybe some extra consideration to contract provisions is in order. Thats what happens when your trying to break into the most desirable market in the world. The good news is fans in the U.S. will welcome F1 with open arms for both events! C’mon gentlemen on both sides,bring this together.
    John at Grand Prix Investors Fund

  6. jo6pac

    Yep another deadline comes and goes. Then there’s the little problem of No Work being done at the track site, amazing

  7. Gridlock

    At least he’s confident they can find a pen.

  8. Indy

    Indy was all ready

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