FIA fixes guidelines for Silverstone tyre test

The FIA confirmed to the F1 teams today that the Silverstone Young Driver test will still take place over three days – ending any hopes Mercedes might have had that it would be allowed to participate in an extra fourth day.

Crucially the FIA has also decided to ensure that race drivers can only be involved in Pirelli testing, having contemplated allowing teams to do what they want in terms of car development.

FIA observers will ensure that any changes made to the cars when a race driver is running relate only to the tyre testing, so teams will not be able to swap wings and other parts around and so on.

However a race driver could in theory test new parts if they are on the car in the morning, and remain in place all day.

The FIA today sent the following note to teams, which has also been seen by this writer:

1)  The young driver training test will remain a three day test from 17-19 July.

2)  One specification of tyre will be available for the test. The 2012 construction will be used but with the hard, medium and soft 2013 compounds.

3)  Pirelli will be authorised to provide each team with five extra sets of tyres for this test, bringing the annual total to 105 sets. All of these sets may be used.

4)  Any driver who has competed in more than two F1 World Championship races may take part in this test, provided that the purpose of him doing so is to test tyres for the appointed tyre supplier. In order to meet this requirement, all teams shall, in particular, ensure that any changes made to a car at these times are exclusively related to the tyre tests set out in the run plan provided by Pirelli. An FIA observer will be appointed to ensure the regulations are being followed.


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3 responses to “FIA fixes guidelines for Silverstone tyre test

  1. Mick

    There will be all sorts of arguments about what is & isn’t allowed when a race driver is in the car. It would be simple if they said that race drivers can only run with parts that have been used in a race prior to the test.

  2. v2rotate

    The FIA again is still favoring Mercedes. There was no FIA supervision during the Merc tests so they were free to test anything. The same should be allowed during this test.

  3. ronmon

    Now Mercedes is claiming that they should be allowed to participate for “safety” reasons. Sorry boys, you had your private test and escaped with no real penalty. Now stop your pitiful whining and be glad that you got away without being suitably punished. I have no sympathy at all.

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