Jenson Button: “The Ferrari seat is a great opportunity for any driver…”

Jenson Button made it clear today that he doesn’t yet have a contract with McLaren for 2014 – but he insisted that he fully intends to stay on.

Nevertheless in theory he could still be a potential candidate for another team, such as Red Bull or Ferrari.

Button has an option to continue with McLaren, but when asked about his future he indicated that he didn’t know why there had been no confirmation from the team that he will be retained.

“I think I have a contract for next year, but I don’t think it’s got a signature on it yet!,” he said. “I really want to be here next year. You might think that’s strange after this season, but I think this season is good for us in a way. We’ll be a much stronger team this year. But as you say, you haven’t heard the confirmation of that yet from the team. I think you’ll have to wait for that.”

Asked by this writer if the real attraction was the arrival of Honda in 2015, he said: “Yeah, there’s a lot about this team in the future that appeals to me. It’s very exciting, there’s new challenges. But even next season, I’m excited about next year. You’ve got the initial challenges of the engine and trying to understand the car, and aerodynamics, and the power unit.

“If you put the time and the effort in I think it can make a big difference this winter, understanding the car and the tyres. It’s something I’m pretty good at, so hopefully it will make the difference next year.”

Meanwhile he made some interesting observations about other potentially available seats.

“I think Red Bull is done. I think the Ferrari seat is a great opportunity for any driver in F1, to get the opportunity to race for a team like Ferrari is very exciting, what they’ve achieved, the passion within the team, the culture is very interesting. Hopefully someone that deserves it will get the drive.”

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  1. I think Jenson would probably be a solid partner to FA but, sadly, I think with the latest McLaren performances not allowing him to show his ability, he’ll be overlooked.

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