Protestors get their message across at Spa

Greenpeace protestors had a pretty good view of the race

Greenpeace protestors had a pretty good view of the race

Greenpeace launched a carefully co-ordinated attack on race sponsor Shell at the Belgian GP – and the organisation even managed to invade the podium ceremony.

Protestors managed to get on top of the main grandstand before the start, with four of them abseiling down to eventually reveal a 20m wide banner that read ‘Arctic Oil? Shell No!.’ The protestors remained in place, dangling from the roof of the grandstand, until after the race.

Another team struck on a Shell advertising sign at the top of Eau Rouge, while paragliders flew overhead.

Incredibly during the national anthems after the race two banners rose up seemingly from nowhere on the metal fence at the front of the podium, operated by remote control. They were hurriedly removed by Alex Molina, the man responsible for the podium ceremony, while the TV director focussed in on Vettel.

Meanwhile two protestors tried to interrupt the ceremony, with one of them abseiling down on the left while security tried to pull her back up. She was removed by security after the ceremony concluded. The pair had purchased VIP Paddock Club passes at a cost of several thousand euros.

The drivers had no idea what was happening, or why there was booing from the crowd under the podium.

Greenpeace later confirmed that the podium banners had been installed “several weeks ago,” and said that 35 people were involved in the action.

Clearly today’s events will lead to more stringent security measures in the future…


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7 responses to “Protestors get their message across at Spa

  1. Simon B

    I’ve been a Greenpeace member in the past but think today’s action was a massive waste of member’s donations.
    Beyond the print press it had next to no impact where it mattered: on TV.
    That said, it’s good they only installed banners and not some kind of bomb. Pretty amazing it could have say there for three weeks. Then again, that’s only Greenpeace’s claim and they’ve shown themselves quite prepared to lie for their own means, which is why I don’t give my money to them anymore.

    • Steve W

      I’m curious about this… Do Greenpeace members drive cars? Take public transportation? Or do they walk everywhere?

      • CTP

        why would you ask that question here? you obviously have some kind of internet access… might i suggest greenpeace’s own website as a starting point?

  2. stevvy

    The daft thing is, I doubt many people really care, and given their banners weren’t shown on TV, they’ll have had basically no coverage of their pathetic little protest, and so basically achieved the square root of diddly squat.

  3. David Goss

    I’d just assumed the spectators were booing Vettel as usual. So they were all booing the protesters?

  4. CTP

    thank you for reporting this, adam.

  5. Stone the Crows

    I wonder how much of the banner, ropes and other attire that these people are wearing is synthetic (i.e., petroleum by products)?

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