Ferrari has to keep improving, says Domenicali

Stefano Domenicali says that Ferrari has to keep pushing to improve the F138 in order to maintain its championship challenge.

Asked if it was important to appease Fernando Alonso with an upturn in form in Belgium, Domenicali said it was a boost for the whole team.

“I think it was important not only for Fernando, who deserved a quick car, but also for the team, because they are working very hard to make sure that we are able to fight up to the end for the championship,” he said. “We had a very bad July for many reasons, but I’m very pleased to see we are back on track, but it’s not enough.

“We need another step with regard to the performance of the car, and this is what I’m expecting from my people, and this is what honestly at home everyone is trying to do as best as they can. This is really the target that we have.

“For us it’s important to keep back again on this trace, let’s say, of improving the car. We saw Red Bull has for sure improved, and we need to stay there, because we can beat them by improving the car better than them, and being there if an opportunity can come, because they may have a problem. Don’t forget last year.”

Domencali said the improvement in form was not just down to upgrades introduced for low downforce Spa: “Some of them will carry through for the next races, some others were obviously focussed with the package for this race, but at least I’m pleased to see that the car was back to a normal improvement, in terms of performance, that was the most important thing for us.”

Meanwhile Domenicali confirmed that the gap between Alonso and leader Vettel opened up in the final stint because the Spaniard backed off to save the car.

“At a certain point, because the gap was always there around 10-11 seconds, and in our view there was nothing to gain and there was nothing to protect from behind we just considered not to destroy the rhythm and preserve car in order to avoid any possible damages. We saw that Vettel was still pushing, and it was a little bit strange from our perspective, but we were let’s say just managing the position.”

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