Whiting inspects Mexico City track

The FIA’s Charlie Whiting inspected the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez track in Mexico City this week, as plans for a return of F1 to the country continue to progress.

The race has a date of November 9 on a provisional calendar that was circulating at Monza, although it is subject to confirmation.

Whiting was accompanied by Austin F1 founder Tavo Hellmund, who has switched his focus to Mexico after being ousted from the Texas project. His late father Gustavo was a race promoter at the venue.

They were joined by FIA Vice President and regular F1 race steward Jose Abed, who was also head of the Mexican GP organising committee in past years.

Also in attendance was a leading representative from circuit design company Tilke, confirming that the German company will be responsible for the necessary upgrades.

The Mexico City venue previously hosted World Championship races from 1963-70 and 1986-92.


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4 responses to “Whiting inspects Mexico City track

  1. Friends of Formula 1 Mexico. Let’s talk about it! https://www.facebook.com/fof1mexico

  2. Steve C

    Yes, it will be really neat to see another race in our timezone but does anyone believe that Americans will attend the race in Mexico what with all the drug cartel problems down there?

  3. GeorgeK

    Hopefully Tavo has secured firm security for his investment of time and connections and will not get the boot when it all comes together as it happened in Texas.

    I think Mexico would be the perfect trifecta for North American F1 racing.

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