New Jersey likely to drop off 2014 calendar

New Jersey may have appeared on the latest unofficial 2014 F1 schedule, but sources continue to suggest that the race won’t make the final calendar, due to be agreed by the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.

The latest version, showing a triple header of Monaco, New Jersey and Canada on consecutive weekends, is regarded by teams as being completely unrealistic, with there being zero chance of getting the freight from Europe in time due to massive logistical issues.

Bernie Ecclestone can’t use the June 14-15 date, because it has been blocked for Le Mans by the FIA – a provision that he must have agreed to. Although there have been suggestions that the ruling could be changed a more likely scenario is that Bernie has given the race a token date in order to fulfil his obligations, while knowing that the New Jersey promoters won’t be able to fulfil theirs, and it will be cancelled. One good source suggested that at this stage June 2014 would in any case be too early and that the emphasis is already shifting to 2015.

Meanwhile Mexico is set to be confirmed for November 2014. Charlie Whiting and a Tilke representative visited the Mexico City venue recently and plans for revisions to the track – including moving the famous esses towards the infield to create more run-off – are in hand. The promoters also want to build a new pit complex.


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6 responses to “New Jersey likely to drop off 2014 calendar

  1. proesterchen

    Somehow, completely remodelling the Mexican GP track and building a new pit complex seems highly unlikely in just 13 months.

  2. Thomas

    You are a jerkoff. Have you seen all the construction at port imperial. I see it almost everyday. They are doing tons and tons of work. You are gonna feel like an idiot come june.

    • Classy response. FYI one of the guys who told me June was tight is the designer of the circuit…

    • nj42014

      Let me translate that for you:

      “There is quite a bit of construction activity at Port Imperial, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes the 2014 calendar”.

      There, Thomas, that wasn’t so hard to come across as a non-knuckledragger, was it?

    • And by the way I spoke to Leo Hindery Jr and Chris Pook in Montreal and at a time when many of my colleagues were already writing NJ off for 2014 I was prepared to take the views of those behind the race at face value and give it a chance.

  3. Mark G

    Late to the party, but the construction at Port Imperial it nothing to get overly excited about. It is the new parking garage for NY Waterway – which coincidentally will also be used for the GP (if it ever gets off the ground).

    Check out the mockup halfway down the page…

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