New Jersey listed as provisional on 2014 calendar

New Jersey, Korea and Mexico all appear as provisional on the 22-race 2014 F1 calendar approved by the World Motor Sport Council today.

As previously reported, New Jersey appears in the middle of an unprecedented triple header with Monaco and Montreal, which the teams regard as totally impractical.

Intriguingly like Mexico it is listed as being subject to circuit approval, whereas the long established Korean GP is merely provisional, suggesting that there are commercial reasons for any doubts.

Relative to earlier versions, Malaysia has gone back a week to join Bahrain, which has been moved forward to become the third race. Later in the year Japan and Russia have been moved and form an unusual double header. There’s a swap between Mexico and Austin, which form a double header.

It’s worth noting that the calendar is still subject to revision given that the FIA’s own rules state that “the final list of events is published by the FIA before January 1 each year,” and furthermore that a maximum of 20 events is permissible. A definitive schedule is likely to emerge from the next FIA gathering in Paris in December.

Mar 16: Australia

Mar 3o: Malaysia

Apr 6: Bahrain

Apr 20: China

Apr 27: Korea (provisional)

May 11: Spain

May 25: Monaco

Jun 1: New Jersey (provisional)

Jun 8: Canada

Jun 22: Austria

Jul 6: Britain

Jul 20: Germany

Jul 27: Hungary

Aug 24: Belgium

Sep 7: Italy

Sep 21: Singapore

Oct 5: Russia

Oct 12: Japan

Oct 26: Abu Dhabi

Nov 9: USA (Austin)

Nov 16: Mexico (provisional)

Nov 30: Brazil

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One response to “New Jersey listed as provisional on 2014 calendar

  1. peterg

    Wow the season gets longer every year, I can remember when 16-17 races was considered excessive by the teams. Bernie keeps finding new nations to pay both his fee and the huge cost of infrastructure.

    France is all but a memory these days and Turkey (great circuit!) is gone, San Marino and Portugal are no more. The “European” GP which saw a second race for nations like Germany and Spain, when national interest was through the roof, is not an economic viability these days. Austria is back and Belgium was looking a little shaky not that long ago.

    Years without a US race saw the eventual introduction of Indianapolis, which ultimately fell off. America seemed lost to F1 until Austin appeared, and if you can believe the New Jersey will ever eventuate, America will have two races in a market that was considered dead if Indy could not make a go of it.

    Say what you will of Bernie over the years, I certainly have……..he just keeps growing the international footprint of F1. Who is his next target?

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