World Council gives Todt and Ecclestone mandate to push F1 changes through

The FIA World Motor Sport Council met today in Paris and took the unusual step of giving Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone a mandate to address key issues facing F1 – which could mean that they could introduce measures that have not been voted through by the teams in the F1 Commission.

The big issue of the moment is that of power units, and the manufacturers are due to present proposals in the middle of January. Todt and Ecclestone have agreed to come up with answers by January 31st

The FIA said: “The World Motor Sport Council approved, by a near unanimous number (just one vote against), a mandate for the FIA President, Jean Todt and the Representative of the Commercial Rights Holder, Bernie Ecclestone to make recommendations and decisions regarding a number of pressing issues in Formula One such as governance, Power Units and cost reduction. Mr Todt and Mr Ecclestone expressed their intention to establish conclusions on these matters by 31 January, 2016.”

Meanwhile the WMSC also addressed some key regulation changes, including clarification on how the engine token system will work in years to come:

The number of power unit tokens allowed for in-season development will be allocated as follows over the coming seasons:

2016 – 32, 2017 – 25, 2018 – 20, 2019 – 15

Any new Power Unit manufacturer will be allocated 15 tokens in their first year, and 32 in their second.”

It also confirmed that all manufacturers can now run previously homologated engines: “Power Units homologated in previous seasons may now be re-homologated. Previously nomanufacturer could supply more than one specification of PU. The World Motor Sport Council was also advised that the FIA had agreed for Ferrari to supply a fourth customer team with a 2015 specification Power Unit in 2016.”

The latter is a reference to Scuderia Toro Rosso.

The tyre regulations have been adjusted to allow teams to have a choice of three tyres each weekend.

The tyre supplier will now provide three dry-weather compounds instead of two.

Of the 13 sets of dry tyres available to each driver, the tyre supplier will choose two for the race (only one of which must be used in the race), and one set (the softest available) that may only be used in Q3. Each driver may then choose their remaining ten sets from the three available compounds

Unless intermediate or wet-weather tyres have been used, a driver must use at least two different specifications of dry-weather tyres – at least one of these must be the one chosen by the tyre supplier.”

There are also changes to the Virtual Safety Car: “In the event of a Virtual Safety Car (VSC), DRS will now be re-enabled immediately after the VSC period. Furthermore, the VSC may also be used in practice sessions to reduce the amount of time lost during a stoppage.

Finally, “The maximum number of Championship events in a season has been increased to 21 (from 20).”


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6 responses to “World Council gives Todt and Ecclestone mandate to push F1 changes through

  1. Seems like Todt and Bernie have got some power back this should be interesting to say the least

    • Brian

      Yeah, this is *very* interesting. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the engine makers come up with after this development (not that it wasn’t going to be interesting anyway :-)) Heh.

  2. I luv chicken

    … and the price of a weekend ticket / promoter race fee to FOM, for any event, must be lowered by 25%, to reflect the lack of relevant on-track activity on Fridays.
    ( Like that will ever happen. )

  3. petes

    Simply unbelievable!
    This pair of fools are the creators of the mess that F1 has become.
    Can’t anyone see that?

    • Brian

      Pretty much everyone gets that. (Really, it was far more Mosley & Bernie than Todt & Bernie.) But who else on the planet is in a position to fix things? Action needs to be taken ASAP and there is no one else that I can think of in a position to do so – especially after this development.

      • petes

        Have to start somewhere…….Try the entrenched and vested interests of the pigs that comprise the wisdom of the FIA – feeding at their trough and obviously can’t extend vision beyond sycophancy.
        Be a good start point and a pretty memorable one!

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