Teams agree 2014 in-season test schedule

The F1 teams have come up with a provisional test schedule for 2014 that includes two sessions in Europe and two in the Middle East.

Having agreed to four two-day tests the teams had to wait for the race calendar to emerge before focussing on when the tests could be slotted in. They will now take place in Bahrain, Barcelona, Silverstone and Abu Dhabi – in each case on the Tuesday and Wednesday following the race weekend.

Logistically Bahrain is the most challenging as it follows the double header with the Malaysian race, making for a long trip for team members. Abu Dhabi however is a stand alone race.

Bahrain is also hosting the second and third pre-season tests, ensuring that F1 folk will be spending a lot of time in the country next year.


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8 responses to “Teams agree 2014 in-season test schedule

  1. nustang70

    So the well-funded teams get in-season testing once again, which will help them maintain their advantage with the new regulations. What do the poorer teams get out of this deal?

    • petes

      They get to test too. Which then leaves them free to continue to waste their resources and run a third driver in P1, just like they do now 🙂

  2. Ammo Nyte

    Hope Silverstone test is open to the public, like the young drivers test this year.

  3. GeorgeK

    After all of the hand wringing and naysaying over the “Impossible” proposed 22 race schedule, the teams now can fit in FOUR test dates?

    Doesn’t do much for their credibility, does it??

  4. ATH

    Test after a GP are not the same as a new GP.

  5. Lucien Peeters

    as there was a lot of commotion around the 2013 Bahrain GP, do you think the 2 four day sessions will be open for the public in February ?

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