Red Bull fighting to stop Prodromou going to McLaren

Red Bull Racing is fighting to prevent its head of aerodynamics Peter Prodromou from joining McLaren.

Prodromou started his career with the Woking team in 1991, and progressed to be a key member of the design team, latterly under Adrian Newey. He left to join Red Bull as its aero chief, again under Newey, in 2006.

Martin Whitmarsh promised in Korea that the team would be announcing some “headline grabbing” signings.

Christian Horner told this writer that Prodromou “has a significant amount of time left on his contract,” and insisted that nothing is “set in stone.” He confirmed that Prodromou would not be able to work elsewhere until 2015.

The likely scenario is that Prodromou has decided to go to McLaren and RBR is now using everything in its power to change his mind, just as McLaren was once able to convince Adrian Newey to do a U-turn on his move to Jaguar Racing. However it may well be too late.


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