Maldonado close to decision, says manager Todt

Pastor Maldonado’s manager Nicolas Todt says that he expects to have an answer about the Venezuelan’s future soon.

Maldonado has been linked with Lotus for weeks, but he is also in the frame at Sauber, with some paddock sources convinced that the Swiss team is now his most likely destination. However, Todt would not confirm that it’s a straight choice between those teams.

Sources say Sauber will make a final driver choice in the next couple of days.

“We are very confident that we will make the right choice,” he told this writer today. “Obviously it’s always nice to know your future before the end of the season. That’s not the case, but I’m sure a decision will be taken very soon. We have been talking to a few teams, and we’re very close to a decision.

“We take every parameter into account when making such a decision, because it concerns Pastor’s future. It’s a decision we take all together, taking into account everything that goes on.”

Asked about the tricky financial situation at Lotus and Sauber he said: “Nowadays except with a top team, there is always a risk when you sign in a team, because of the economic uncertainties. We never know if the grass is greener outside our place, so there is a risk as we try to take a decision knowing the risks that there are in each team.”

Maldonado has said that he doesn’t know if PDVSA will continue, but Todt played down any talk about sponsorship.

“It’s not always a matter of sponsors. Pastor has been supported by PDVSA for many, many years, because he’s the ambassador of his country, and that’s all. Anyway, whenever the announcement will be made, everything will become very clear. I can’t tell you much more.”

Todt admitted that this year’s silly season has been a difficult one.

“It’s very challenging times. Having a few drivers under management, we have been quite busy lately, but that’s why we are here…”


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2 responses to “Maldonado close to decision, says manager Todt

  1. I hope PDVSA pulls out because then we will get a true measure how Maldonado is rated by the F1 teambosses. And my guess is: Not highly.

  2. degraa

    Outscored by a rookie both in points and qualifying and without the PDVSA money? Good bye, Pastor.

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