Teams consider postponing Jerez test

The first test for the 2014 cars in Jerez could be postponed by a week following a discussion in the F1 Strategy Group on Monday.

The test, currently scheduled for January 28-February 1, was originally brought forward because the teams wanted to run their new powertrains as soon as possible – while leaving a significant gap before the second test in Bahrain, which would give them at least some time to react to any major reliability problems.

However it seems that some teams won’t be as ready as they thought they would be, with Lotus apparently pushing the idea of a delay.

Although it seems unlikely that enough teams will ultimately agree to the date change – one team insider told this blog he thought there was a “30% chance at best” – for the moment all are in limbo until a final decision is made.


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3 responses to “Teams consider postponing Jerez test

  1. petes

    Still waiting for that cheque eh?

  2. “However it seems that some teams won’t be as ready as they thought they would be,…” Any word on who the other teams with timing concerns are? The amount of change across the whole package is probably unprecedented, so it is no surprise teams are scrambling. I’d think the middle to small teams are pulling their hair out while the big teams are not without concerns. Since Ferrari and Mercedes are the only true factory teams; I’d think that their power-train customers like McLaren would be at a disadvantage since they’ll always come second to Ferrari and Mercedes own car work. Perhaps, once again, Red Bull’s structure puts it in the best position since Renault is totally focused on the power-train and Newey & co. can focus on the car, gearbox & aero; knowing that Renault is focused on giving them everything they’ve got. Let’s face it, “no money” Lotus and “no speed” Caterham can’t compete with Red Bull for Renault’s attention and focus. Hopefully, someone besides Red Bull will pull a rabbit out of their hat next year, but my money would be on another Red Bull year.

  3. trevor

    if they have any time issues then they wont be able solve them within one week so let the 28th January 2014 date stand

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