Michael Schumacher: “We have a tough and strong winter in front of us”

Michael Schumacher admits that Mercedes GP faces a tough winter as the team tries to make the huge steps that will get it back to where Brawn was in 2009.

Asked to sum-up his season, Michael said: “The sum-up is that we very much look forward to next year! We have a tough and strong winter in front of us. All the guys are working flat out to get us where we belong, and that’s closer to the winning road. I hope desperately that next year that’s going to be the first step towards that.”

Schumacher’s final race of the year in Brazil was spoiled by a puncture he received after being tapped in the rear by Bruno Senna – although he admitted it would still have been a hard race. Senna received a drive through penalty as a result of the clash.

Ironically Schumacher experienced a near identical incident in 2006, when he was hit by Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault while battling for the title with the Italian’s team mate.

“It was a difficult one, and it had quite a few memories to 2006, my last race that I did before my retirement,” said Schumacher. “Exactly the same circumstances, again somebody that seemed to have a problem to take the normal trajectory of corners, and ran into me.

“It’s a shame. It would have been a nice race, some solid points we could have taken home. Although for sure as we’ve seen with Nico it was a tough race for us, we saw already Friday with these sorts of temperatures that we were struggling a bit more than other people were.

“My balance for the first two stints due to some damage that occurred after this tyre damage wasn’t perfect, but we altered it for the last stint, and actually it was OK then.”


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8 responses to “Michael Schumacher: “We have a tough and strong winter in front of us”

  1. Not sure he will avoid issues like this in the future if he doesn’t realize he turned in super early for the turn.

  2. Rob

    It was clearly Senna’s mistake and he got a drive thru for it.. So Stuart u need to be fair in what u r saying.. never mind if you are a schmy hater.. u still need to be fair

    • Tom Baker

      Correct. Michael had him done and dusted and Senna forgot to brake. That’s what you get when you have inexperienced children driving Grand Prix cars. Hopefully Senna and Petrov will be looking for a seat in some other series next year.

  3. Loti

    The depressing thing, not just for Mercedes but for every other team trying to make progress is that if you make an educated guess, and get it wrong, that is pretty much it. With only a couple of winter tests, usually cold and wet, they go into 5 fly away races hoping for the best rather than with a tested car with some of last seasons problems solved. RBR, on the other hand, have seemingly cracked the downforce problem and just need to do the new regulation modifications to stay out in front. JB also said that the important thing is to get off to a good start and he is right.Going into the european races still trying to fix the car is too little, too late. I really hope Mercedes get their act together, in fact, I really hope they all get their act together, another Vettel whitewash would convince many not to bother turning on to the BBC’s version of full coverage much less to pay through the nose for Sky’s new wonder channel. I believe that, with another midfield results year, Michael will walk away thinking there is not much point racing for a few points with the regulations as they are. Same for all the mid-field to back of the grid teams. I know that points mean millions but there has to be more to racing than that, doesn’t there?

  4. mayhemfunkster

    Can’t argue with Michael there – if there is a driver who knows about strange trajectories turning in…or on straights…then it is he!

  5. rob

    have to agree with the majority this time , i am not so much a schuey hater more of an f1 fanatic and even in his return to the sport after the much hype, he has failed to show any of his old magic,sadly a lot of his attitude to driving lines and his perception of width is still apparent(rubens). maybe next year, thats what keeps us all watching our favourites.

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