Blundell to help Raikkonen generate more cash

Mark Blundell’s company MB Partners is to manage the commercial rights of Kimi Raikkonen, in effect helping the Finn to generate more cash from personal sponsors and so on.

MB Partners will be working in “collaboration with his management and advisors,” Blundell having been a long time friend and some time on-track competitor of Steve Robertson.

Blundell said: “I have known Kimi’s management and advisors for a very long time and as such, we are working closely together on behalf of Kimi. He is without a doubt one of the best F1 drivers on the grid and combined with Ferrari are a powerful commercial proposition.”


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8 responses to “Blundell to help Raikkonen generate more cash

  1. Melonfarmer

    Kimi needs more cash? Really? Yeah, I know, commercial rights etc. Bernie did ok out of those too.

  2. Chad

    Well, given that he went something like 14 months without a paycheck…

  3. MC

    Since when did MB2 become MB Partners? Brundle no longer involved?

  4. Phil W

    Perhaps he could help him with his English.

    I mean Kimi could help Mark…

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