Lady Virginia Williams passes away

Lady Virginia Williams, wife of Sir Frank, has lost her battle with cancer at the age of 66.

The Williams team announced today: “Lady Virginia, or ‘Ginny’ as she was better known, died peacefully at the family home last night surrounded by Frank and the rest of the Williams family. Ginny had been bravely battling cancer for the past two and a half years.

“Ginny will always be an integral part of Williams’ history and success, and today we pay tribute to a much loved member of the Williams family who will be sorely missed.”

It goes without saying that Virginia Williams played an enormous role in getting Sir Frank through the aftermath of his March 1986 road car accident, and she had been a rock in his life ever since.

In 1991 she wrote an extraordinary book, ‘A Different Kind of Life,’ about her relationship with Frank and the impact the accident had on their lives together.

In it she revealed that they first met in 1967, when she was engaged to an aspiring F3 driver and working a receptionist. After her marriage hit trouble she began a relationship with Frank, and following her divorce, they married in 1974 in a ceremony hurriedly squeezed in between races.

She played a largely uncredited role in helping Frank through his difficult early years in F1, giving up her job and even loaning him money after selling her flat before their marriage. The book also recounts the huge sacrifices she made as Frank used every spare penny to keep the team going.

The couple had three children, Claire, Jonathan and Jaime. This writer sends his condolences to them, Sir Frank and the rest of her family.


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4 responses to “Lady Virginia Williams passes away

  1. Gowra

    What a noble person she must have been to,sacrifice so much for her husband may her soul rest in peace.

  2. Mark

    Her book is one of my favourite reads ever. Her strength over the years was inspirational.My deepest condolences to Sir Frank, Claire, Jonathan & Jaime Williams and everyone at the Williams team for their loss.

  3. Me gusta lo que dice el post, sus palabras.
    No me gusta la noticia de la muerte de Ginny.
    Mi pesame a Sir F. Williams.

  4. Sally

    I don’t think Ginny would recognize her actions as “noble”. She was stubborn, and she adored Frank. So she never never never quit. Her book explains why very well, and is a funny and inspirational read for anyone suddenly made a caregiver … or just loves F1 and the characters who make the sport so fascinating. .

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