Lewis Hamilton: “One win doesn’t last forever…”

Lewis Hamilton was in relaxed mood in Bahrain today, having had a few days to enjoy his Malaysian GP victory before getting back to business this weekend.

Hamilton insisted that he wasn’t downbeat after his earlier retirement in Melbourne, despite the obvious disappointment, as he felt he’d done his best.

“It’s just been peaceful,” he said of his break since Sepang. “I haven’t done anything, just trained, and been in Dubai just getting used to the different time zone. One win doesn’t last forever, and obviously because we have a race this week you just have to naturally re-set very quickly.

“Even in Australia I was still in a positive frame of mind when I left. I did everything that I could have done that weekend, I didn’t leave thinking I wish I’d done this or done that, and that’s important throughout the weekend, regardless of the result.

“I think this season, what has happened shows just anything can happen still, you don’t know what’s around the corner, so you just have to make sure you’re maximising every day. So far I’ve been maximising every day that I’ve been at the track, and I plan to do that for the rest of the year.”

Asked if he’d had a lot in hand in Malaysia, he said: “Any time Nico went a little bit quicker or whoever [was] behind me went a little bit quicker, I was able to pull out the time if I needed it. I had enough in the bag if I needed it.”

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One response to “Lewis Hamilton: “One win doesn’t last forever…”

  1. LRMann

    Hamilton seems more relaxed, less distracted, in his interviews this year. His demeanor suggests he’s going to be mentally tough this year. Nico is going to have his hands full. Exciting stuff…

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