McKiernan leaves McLaren aero role in wake of Prodromou arrival

McLaren’s erstwhile head of aerodynamics Doug McKiernan has left the team in the wake of the arrival of ex-Red Bull man Peter Prodromou from Red Bull.

Prodromou, who fills the same role, was given the generic title of ‘chief engineer,’ although presumably this will now change.

McKiernan is not part of the restructured technical organisation, and is now on gardening leave.

“We are working extremely hard to get McLaren back to where it belongs – at the very front of the grid,” said a team spokesman.

“To achieve that we have carefully reviewed everything we do and have recruited some very talented individuals.

“Now, to ensure that we do not have duplication of roles, and that we have the right people doing the right jobs, we have begun discussions with a small number of people who unfortunately do not have a role in the new structure. We are determined to give as much support as possible to anyone affected.”


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9 responses to “McKiernan leaves McLaren aero role in wake of Prodromou arrival

  1. danielsussex

    Yikes, not even a thank you to be seen.

  2. Off Track

    A certain Mr Haas may well have time for a coffee and a chat with Doug and others whose current employment is now up or looking uncertain…
    For their sakes, I hope there is a ray of hope on the horizon of clouded skies.

  3. petes

    Ha, ha – having a laugh at your Smedley tweet. Think it’d be a yes, by the way…..:-)

  4. Tony Dowe

    I think people are still underestimating Mr Haas. he’s going to be as close to a Ferrari “B” team as its possible to get.. His European base will be in Maranello and he wont lack for aero, or any other engineering, plus he will bring a full scale rolling road wind tunnel to the Ferrari party, whats not to like!

    • GeorgeK

      Not for nothing, I don’t think Ferrari’s current performance or team results are the model Mr. Haas wants to strive towards.

      • Tony Dowe

        And you think he should use the Caterham model?
        Even the current Ferrari model is better than that, not a bad place to start

  5. GeorgeK

    Good one on the Caterham Model Tony!

    Been watching F1 for a while now, and every time Ferrari attempted to “Italianize” their racing team are when things seem to go off kilter. Their greatest success was with French, English, and German balance to the Italian ingenuity and engineering Ferrari are capable of delivering.

    A lesson for Mr. Haas who wants his new team “Americanized”?

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