Bernie Ecclestone: “I think everybody’s complaining…”

Bernie Ecclestone today repeated his opposition to the current F1 rules, and hinted that the 100kgs fuel allowance could be increased.

One theory is that more fuel means that teams could run higher revs – they are running nowhere near the 15,000rpm limit – which would improve the sound, but there is clearly a bigger picture with regard to the relative fuel efficiency of the three engines. It’s no surprise that those who have been negative recently do not have Mercedes power.

Talk of rule changes in the course of this season is academic anyway.

“What is wrong?,” he said on a visit to the Bahrain media centre. “What is wrong is these fantastic engines. The engines, without any doubt, are incredible, the amount of power they produce for the small amount of fuel. I don’t think that’s F1 business. They should be in touring cars or something, not F1.

“I think what’s important is that the teams know the problem, the engine manufacturers know the problem, and they’re trying to sort things out.

“I think everybody’s complaining, really. Even Mercedes I think. I don’t like people not being happy.”

Asked about the race promoters he said: “They’re all worried that if they lose spectators, they are going to be in trouble, obviously.”

Regarding what could be done, he said: “I think they can do something about the noise. They need another 10kgs of fuel, or something.”

The latter is an unrealistic target given that the teams designed their cars around a fuel tank tailored to the 100kgs limit, with a little margin for the laps to the grid and for the trip to parc ferme. The alternative would be to shorten the races, which Bernie said would not happen.

Ecclestone seemed bemused when told that some teams didn’t even need the full 100kgs to finish the Malaysian GP, saying, “You’ve got some information I haven’t got…”

He insisted that he wasn’t out to handicap Mercedes.

“Mercedes without a doubt have done a better job. They shouldn’t be punished for doing a better job. We shouldn’t change the regulations to punish them.”

He also offered a less negative view of the situation: “There’s another way of looking at it. Will people get used to the way it is today. If that’s the case, good…”


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5 responses to “Bernie Ecclestone: “I think everybody’s complaining…”

  1. proesterchen

    I’d say the only short-term change to increase the noise is to increase the fuel flow limit so it makes sense to actually rev closer to the 15k limit.

  2. Kevin Robinson

    And of course by “everybody” he means “me, my wallet, and the wallets that will help my wallet get bigger” I assume. I am loving this year so far…why change it?

  3. TerryW

    BE is a dinasoar – get rid of him….


    If cars cant run at the max for the entire race they may as well be remote control !

    • Who says they are not running at the max? Many are. And a lot of them haven’t been running ‘at the max’ over the years because they always had to keep an eye on fuel, even if there was no official limit. The more you used the heavier you were at the start, and before that, with refuelling, it was about stretching the stint for strategic purposes

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