Montezemolo calling for F1 changes – but not for 2014

Luca di Montezemolo has reiterated his desire for future changes to the F1 rules – but insists that he doesn’t want to rein in Mercedes by implementing those changes in 2014.

The Ferrari presisdent is meeting with Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt this weekend.

“We want to increase the value, passion, the success of F1,” he said today. “The three problems are we cannot have an F1 that is energy/fuel economy formula, we have to push from the first lap until the last. If an engine drinks less fuel, good, it means that you can do the race with less fuel if you want.

“This is one point. The public doesn’t like a taxi driver that has to respect the fuel, this is not F1. The second problem is the music of the engine, not the noise, the music of the engine, that is F1, and the third is that the rules are too complicated, particularly for the people on the track, how can they understand the fuel meters? It’s really complicated.

“We have to do a formula that’s less complicated. For the short time, it’s good not to do anything, but maybe there are some ideas that we can share together, I emphasise together, to improve the situation. Because I don’t like to think even to think of the possibility of the F1 decline.”

When it was suggested that Ferrari and Renault need to do a better job, he insisted that his frustration was nothing to do with Ferrari’s current performance.

“You make a big confusion, as always happens when things are not clear. What I am saying is nothing to do with the today rules. Ferrari has already said that they were against the limit of fuel, because this is not F1, and I told lost Christmas in front of all the journalists that I was very afraid that the new formula means that the drivers are taxi drivers. But this is nothing to do with the today formula.

“We have to take car of some indications from the public to look ahead and to change something without interfering with the today rules. I think if somebody is in the lead, as is Mercedes, it’s absolutely correct not to change something now, even if cut, it’s a proposal from Bernie Ecclestone, one lap, just to give the public the feeling that you can push from the start to the end, it doesn’t change anything for anybody.

“Ferrari, with the rules of today, they have to be more competitive, so I’m pushing to be more competitive. It’s not a question to change the rules now. For the future, it’s a different situation.”


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2 responses to “Montezemolo calling for F1 changes – but not for 2014

  1. If today’s race was taxi driving, I’m changing jobs…

  2. Paul

    This guy is just un-believable; in fact he is everything that is wrong with F1. Firstly he thinks of himself, then Ferrari, then the sport and lastly the fans. To say any different is just rubbish.

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