Christian Horner: “We were pretty competitive at the end of the race…”

Christian Horner says he was happy to bag a fourth and sixth place in Bahrain, a track that did not favour Red Bull.

Daniel Ricciardo did a particularly impressive job to move up from 13th place as both drivers were able to run quickly in the final stint, on the soft tyres.

“To get some points on the board is in many respects damage limitation, but we can also draw encouragement,” said Horner. “We were pretty competitive at the end of the race there, particularly with Daniel, but it’s a not insignificant gap that we’ve got to close to the Mercs.

“I think in clean air we could run at a reasonable pace, the problem that we’ve got is when we get into the DRS we just don’t have the straightline speed to make a passing move, and then you end up in a bit of a mess. I think that certainly that last stint, the way we planned it, worked out extremely well, getting rid of the primes on Seb’s first stint and Dan’s middle stint to be in reasonable shape at the end.”

Horner was happy that when they were on different tyres Vettel responded to a message to let his team mate past.

“That was team work as it should be. Both were on different strategies, it was something that we talked about prior to the race. Both were totally co-operative where they worked together. Sebastian said I’ll let him through at Turn 11, sacrificing as little speed as possible, leaving Daniel to get on with his race. Of course it switched through the pit stops back again, and then they were free to race over the last sector of the race.”

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