Honda: No plans to extend supply beyond McLaren

Honda F1 boss Yasuhisa Arai was non-committal today when asked about plans to extend future power unit supply beyond McLaren.

McLaren will initially have exclusive use of the new V6 when the Japanese manufacturer rejoins the sport next season.

“For year 2015, McLaren is our only customer,” said Arai in China today. “I don’t think about the future, because we want to concentrate on next season.

“Of course we want to have good results next season and see the results from other manufacturers. If teams want to use our engine or power unit, we can deliver after year 2016, but right now there are no plans.”

Meanwhile Arai confirmed that Honda’s new UK F1 base, not far from Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes, will be ready soon.

“We will open June this year. Now it’s still under construction but that factory is to do the engine maintenance for the races and rebuilding the Formula One engine and also to go to the race-track for the track side service.”

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