Luca di Montezemolo: “I’m not happy where Ferrari is, not happy at all…”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo made an appearance in the Barcelona paddock today, in essence to underline his support for new team boss Marco Mattiacci.

De Montezemolo stressed that Mattiacci will need time to settle in, and until he does, Luca himself will remain closer to the F1 team than usual. He also stressed how disappointed he is with the current performance.

“It has to be clear, I’m not happy where Ferrari is, not happy at all,” he said. “I did not expect a team so less competitive [compared] to my expectations at the beginning of the season. First of all I have to understand very, very clear where are the problems, why we are not competitive, and to improve the situation as soon as possible, without losing calm, with maintaining good calm and having clear in front of us what are the short term goals, the medium term goals, and the long term goals.

“This is what is important, first of all to understand, and then to react. I’m sure that Ferrari has all the capabilities and all the opportunities to go back to the victory.

“We are not happy where we are, so we have to improve the situation, in terms of mentality, in terms of organisation, in terms of speed up the time to market [of new parts]. We know what we have to do.”

Regarding Mattiacci’s sideways move from road cars, he said: “When I was called by Enzo Ferrari I was passionate but not an expert, so I hope that as many other good managers in F1 Mattiacci. after a full immersion, in a few months I’m sure he will be in a condition to run in a proper way this team.

“I’m sure that Mattiacci will do a good job. He needs of course a full immersion, he’s just arrived, so of course I cannot ask him to do immediately something. I don’t believe in a one-man show, I believe in a good group, and we are working very well at the moment to try to improve the situation.”

Montezemolo expects the team to make a step forward next month.

“I expect improvement in the car in Canada, I know from the meetings that I’ve had in the last few days. I also think that without any revolution it’s important to improve the organisation, to improve the relationship with the suppliers, in other words to be really a team – fighters, determination, no panic, but calm and work, knowing what we have to do.”


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3 responses to “Luca di Montezemolo: “I’m not happy where Ferrari is, not happy at all…”

  1. GeorgeK

    Luca , Luca, Luca, Do you think your fans are blind? You pushed/led Steffanelli to fall on his sword as sacrifice for the team’s lack of performance. Now you say you’re “on the case” and not happy, but it will take month’s for Mattiacci to get up to speed with all of the team problems? And then get it fixed?? So long 2014 season, let’s see if you can get competitive by 2016.

    Who sat by and/or ordered the team restructuring? Who was the head of Ferrari who reaped all credit for the last meager successes and deflected all blame to others??

    Time for you to go Luca. Your hollow repetition of excuses is no longer acceptable.

  2. petes

    Quite amazing really. Not to mention shameful.

  3. PaulW

    GeorgeK… You’ve hit the nail on the head… I’ve said it before… Montezemolo is everyting that is wrong with F1 & Ferrari.

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