Renault backing search for engine noise solution

Renault’s top F1 engine man Rob White says that the French manufacturer is fully behind efforts to address the noise issue.

Renault has already done some work of its own, although the first on-track testing is being conducted by Mercedes in Barcelona this week.

“We’re fully engaged and involved in the work that’s going on, led by the FIA,” said White. “Mercedes have shared their initial results from the dyno test of this device, the FIA have got some acoustic consultants who have visited us and have had access to our existing dyno test results, including sound measurement. We’re doing some further work at our factory. I would say we’re in an exploratory phase, trying to respond to the subject.

“Obviously we’re also conscious of the fact that with respect to noise the power unit it doing what it says on the tin. It uses less energy, it does so more efficiently, so there’s less falling out the back as noise.

“But of course the Strategy Group has identified the need to try and so something to improve the perception of the noise, and that’s what everybody is currently working on. The next steps, we’ve got work at the factory, we’ve got work with our various teams underway.”

Regarding what the Mercedes test might lead to he said: “We’ll see what that gives and we’ll see what the next step after that will be. It’s going as quickly as it reasonably can for the time being.”


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2 responses to “Renault backing search for engine noise solution

  1. Chad

    I don’t really have a problem with the sound of the new “power units” (NE. engines). Probably the biggest effect on the sound of the new engines is the ERS-H.

    Making noise takes energy. They’re trying to save energy. Let them.

  2. meatbucket

    It’s nice that the “strategy group” is focusing on the important issues that really matter like this, rather than being distracted by red herrings such as overspending, double points, safety, etc.

    Perhaps they should borrow a term from George Dubya Bush and change their name to the “strategery group.”

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