Kimi Raikkonen: “I guess it can only get better…”

Kimi Raikkonen remains confident that his 2014 season can turn around after his recent run of frustration.

Raikkonen has been involved in a series of incidents and has struggled to get the F14 T to his liking.

“I guess it can only get better, what happened lately on my side,” said the Finn today. “Sometimes it’s your fault, sometime not, but that’s how it goes in racing. Obviously I think we are going in the right direction, but the results haven’t really shown that. But we know what we’re doing, so step-by-step we’re going to go where we want to be.”

Regarding the prospects of anyone beating Mercedes he said: “It’s very hard for anybody to challenge them for the championship. I might be wrong, but I doubt that. That’s how it goes. We’ve seen the past some years how it can change when one team is winning and it’s hard to beat. Our aim is to fix the things that we think are the issue and get better all the time, and obviously do the best that we can every race, and hopefully win races or be on the podium. We have to get stronger and sort out things for the future and upcoming races.”

Raikkonen says that the team can still tailor the car for him.

“The things people say are not always the true things. We have issues and we’re not as fast as we want to be. We just have to fix those, and obviously if we would be happy we should be winning races, and we’re not, so obviously there are things that we have to fix. It’s just many small things, and hopefully once we’ve fixed those we’ll be where we want to be. It’s a long process, it’s not going to happen in a few weeks.”

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One response to “Kimi Raikkonen: “I guess it can only get better…”

  1. Stone the Crows

    If an anvil is going to fall out of the sky and hit anyone, it will be Kimi. The Wylie Coyote of Formula One.

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