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Kimi Raikkonen: “I don’t think it was something completely stupid…”

Kimi Raikkonen was demoted from fifth to eighth place in the Russian GP results after being penalised for causing a collision with Valtteri Bottas.

The two Finns collided while battling for third on the last lap. Raikkonen managed to crawl across the line in fifth, but was subsequently given a 30 second penalty, and three points on his licence.

His demotion also meant that Ferrari was finally out of mathematical contention for the constructors’ title, leaving Mercedes confirmed as champions.

“I went inside and I think he never realised that I was there,” said Raikkonen. “Obviously at the last point I knew that he was just turning in so I tried to go more inside and I had brake harder to try to avoid it, but I was next to him already, so obviously there was contact.

“I don’t think it was something completely stupid. I want to try, for sure I would have made the corner, but obviously there were two cars. There are many ways of looking at the incident. I was there but obviously he didn’t know that I was there, and then you will have a contact. Unfortunate thing, not just for us for them also. You never want to have accidents, but things happen.”


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New contract won’t change my approach, says Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen says that this week’s confirmation that he will stay at Ferrari won’t change his approach.

In recent months the Finn has had to deal with endless speculation about his future in the Maranello team, while the management made it clear that he had to keep getting the job done.

It doesn’t change anything,” he said today. “I mean we still try to do the same as every other race. So, that contract thing, it’s not going to change our approach for the weekend or the end result. Hopefully the end result will be good but no, we will do the same things as in all the other races. So, hopefully we can have a good weekend, no problems and see where we end up.”

Regarding his longer-term aims he said: “Well, obviously it is the same as every year – we want to do as well as we can and hopefully challenge for championships for next year and I’m sure we can produce even a quite bit better car than this year next year. Obviously the team is all working well together and we all feel very good and obviously I’m happy to stay there but we have to try to do a good second part of the year and maximise what we have and then prepare for next year.”

He added: “Obviously we want more wins, me and the team, but I’ve had good years, difficult years, some up and downs but I always enjoy it, always enjoy it more when things are going more nicely when you get results but as a team, I’ve had a great time there and I’m very pleased that we can be working together next year again.

As a team, as they are now, I really feel that we are going in the right direction and we can do great things in the future. People are more happy, we are more happy when we can do better results. Obviously you write less negative things after that. We keep working and believe in what we’re doing so I’m sure we will get there and we will have many happy days in front of us, and a lot of good results.”


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Kimi Raikkonen: “There is no way I could control it any more…”

Kimi Raikkonen’s spin in the Canadian GP was related to software settings catching the Finn out on his first lap out of the pit lane.

Raikkonen lost third place due to the incident, and had to make an extra pit stop for tyres before salvaging fourth. He also had a similar spin last year.

It is something that we know now,” he said after the race. “And probably should have been more smart about it and been able to avoid it. I don’t know how to explain it is on the edge, you move the pedal a little bit and you get massive difference on the torque, and there is no way I could control it any more. So, it happened last year but it is slightly different thing but same ending.

It is something that is to do with the pit stop maps and stuff like that. It it is not to do with the tyres or anything else. It is an unfortunate thing but it happens. We have to learn those things, and improve.

It is a stupid thing but it happens, so we have to learn from it and obviously it hurt us in the race but disappointing results in the end. We wanted more but it is what it is.”

Raikkonen said it was hard to properly judge the upgrades Ferrari brought to Canada.

We were hoping for a better result and better speed against them, but I think this circuit really is going to show you the difference if you are lacking or something. I am sure the upgrades that we did was good, it works a expected and we still have to work hard and improve things overall, but I am sure when we go to more normal circuits we should be stronger. We know where the differences are, we were hoping to be a bit more close fight and a better result.”


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Raikkonen heading for extended Ferrari deal, says Robertson

Kimi Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson says everything is moving in the right direction for the Finn to extend his Ferrari contract.

Raikkonen, who last year hinted that 2015 might be his last season, is now committed to a longer term future with the team – and just has to wait for the Maranello outfit to take up its option.

“Everybody’s positive,” Robertson told this writer. “Kimi wants to carry on and he’s made that very, very clear. The team is happy with his input and his consistency. It’s all positive talk, but there’s a difference between positive talk and pen to paper and all that sort of stuff. But at the end of the day it’s all heading in the right direction. He wants to be part of it, 100 per cent.”

Raikkonen has been upbeat since his first run in the SF15-T hinted at the potential of the package, and he works well with close pal Sebastian Vettel. Robertson agrees that the key is Kimi is having fun again.

“As soon as he had the first test he said, ‘The car’s a good car, there’s a lot more potential there, they took a big step in the chassis and a big step in the engine. He’s enjoying driving. At the end of the day for Kimi it’s very important that he enjoys it, he doesn’t need to be here for any other reason. He wants to be competitive, he wants to be challenging for races wins and championships, and now he’s in the position to do that.

“It’s a completely different team, it’s a completely different package. Everything is positive. Last year it was difficult to find something positive. He enjoys the car, it suits his driving style more, he’s in a team that’s on the upward trend. Everybody is pushing. Just look around at all the smiling faces, and Kimi’s one of those smiling faces.

“He loves F1 when it’s like this – of course he doesn’t love F1 when everything’s a shit fight and the car’s not good. He loves the environment like it is, and the package, and he can only see it getting stronger.”


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Maurizio Arrivabene: “Kimi, you are like a hammer…”

New Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene continues to make a good impression, and after the race he gave an intriguing insight into his man management skills.

He made it clear that on a day when Sebastian Vettel scored a top three finish he as concerned with reassuring Kimi Raikkonen as he was with celebrating with the German.

“Seb of course was happy because his dream comes true, to get a podium with Ferrari is something really special for an F1 driver,” said Arrivabene. “Concerning Kimi, I was going straight away to talk to him. You know, what you need to do with a driver, you need to understand, and you need to keep him up. Otherwise if you want to celebrate with one and ignore the other, it doesn’t work.

“The two guys are working very well together, and my job is to keep the right balance, and to make Kimi confident. I was repeating to him many, many times, look Kimi, you are like a hammer, you are pushing like hell and your timing was super good. This is what I am convinced about, that we two drivers for the constructors’, not one, and Kimi I think he can do his job properly.”

He also explained what he was doing when he went to see the mechanics on the troublesome left rear corner of Kimi’s car, a moment captured by the TV cameras.

“I went down into the box first of all to calm down them because I don’t want them to panic. Second I was asking to the mechanic what’s happened? He explained it to me and I said to him, Listen, calm down, be focussed, don’t worry. Things like this happen.”

He added: “As I said before our goal was we were looking forward to Williams and Red Bull at the beginning, now we need to start to be a bit more convinced about ourselves and reduce the gap to the Mercedes guys.

“It’s just a question to continue like this with the right methodology, working and respecting the programme without panicking, keeping up the spirit of the team. You know for example today we were working without the engineer in charge of strategy. Yesterday we had a problem in qualifying, because it’s like when you are sailing very, very fast in a fog!

“All the engineers they were reading th data, but not having the guy who’s an expert we were struggling a bit, and in fact we fucked up, as simple as it is! It could happen. Today we were quite convinced that we were quite strong.”

As for his own reaction to the race, he said: “About the team I was happy. As a tifoso I was happy too, but as a team principal I’m half happy, because I mean one car was stopped on the track and the other car was on the podium, so for me we have done half of the job.”


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Kimi Raikkonen: “A positive start and we have something to work with”

Kimi Raikkonen says that the new Ferrari is a big step forward from the car with which the team finished last season.

The Finn was second fastest today after running a reliable 92 laps.

“It was a positive first day, a lot of improvements in areas where we had difficulties,” he said. “And obviously it’s just a first day, and unfortunately the weather was pretty bad today. Somehow the circuit stayed damp for most of the day, but I think we had good running and we got some mileage. A big thanks to the team who built us a reasonably good starting point. It was a good first day.

“The whole package is quite a bit better than how we finished last year. Now we’ve improved in all areas. It’s just the first day, the first day, and there are a lot of things to do, and a lot of things to try and improve, but it’s definitely a positive start and we have something to work with.

“It’s too early to speak about results. Like I said we had a good, positive first day, and Sebastian had a good couple of days. There’s a good team. We;ll try to do our best, and I’m sure if we keep doing our work as a team we’ll push forward as a team with two cars, improving things, we can get some good results. What it will be, time will tell. We definitely going in the right direction, for sure, that’s the good thing. We’ll have to wait and see in the races.”

Asked by this writer about having close pal Vettel as a team mate he said: “We have a good relationship and I think we can push the team forward, and obviously try to beat each other on the circuit. I’m sure we”ll have some fun. The atmosphere in the team is already very good, and hopefully we’ll get some good results this year that will help the situation. So far, so good, but it’s early days.”

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Ferrari shows the new SF15-T

Ferrari 2015Ferrari has unveiled the SF15-T, the car with which Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen hope to reverse the team’s fortunes after a difficult 2014 season.

It’s also the first car that James Allison can claim full responsibility for, after he joined while last year’s car was well under development.

More later…

Ferrari 2015 Overhead


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Kimi Raikkonen: If you don’t win the title you have failed

Kimi Raikkonen says that he has not found the 2014 season with Ferrari particularly frustrating – for the simple reason that he regards any year that doesn’t result in a title as a failure.

The Finn has endured his toughest year ever, and has only made the top six on two occasions.

“I think every season that you don’t win the championship – and I’ve won one – you can more or less forget the rest,” he said in Brazil. “You are here to try to win races and championships, and when you don’t manage to do the championship, you’ve failed every time. Finishing second or 20th makes not much difference. Obviously it’s been a hard year, but for sure we learned things from this year also, and it will help us in the future.

“But it’s not so much fun when you have a difficult race after race. When you have better results obviously it’s more fun for everybody. But that’s how it goes in F1 sometimes. We have to believe our own things, what we do. I’m sure we can get back where we should be and then obviously things will be forgotten.”

Regarding the prospects for next year’s Ferrari he said: “Obviously there are a lot of numbers and things you hear, but it’s the same story with every team, every year. Once we get the car on the circuit then you really know how good it is and how it feels. There are so many things, even little changes, that can have an effect on that.

“They started earlier in the year on the design of the new car, and obviously all of the things we’ve been doing this year they listen to us and make changes on certain things, and try to improve areas that we feel are lacking performance. The fact is we will know exactly how it is at the first test.”


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Raikkonen upbeat after strong race in Brazil

Kimi Raikkonen enjoyed one of his most encouraging weekends of 2014 in Brazil, eventually finishing seventh after a two-stop strategy helped him to move up from 10th on the grid.

In the latter part of the race the Finn held off Fernando Alonso, who was on fresher tyres, for several laps.

“Obviously we didn’t know how the tyres would last, because we didn’t really have the long runs,” said Raikkonen. “I think for sure we could have had one place better, we had some problem in the pit stop, but it was OK. If we would plan it before the race we would probably have stretched the first one and the second one a little bit, but it worked out OK like this.

Asked when the two-stop call was made he said: “During the second stint really, because the tyres seemed to last pretty well. Obviously then you can usually can run a bit longer, even the last one, because the circuit gets better. We had some issues on the pit stop but overall we did a good job with it, and it was the right decision. If we knew what we know now we could have planned it a bit better, but we didn’t have experience enough, but we did the best that we could.”

Raikkonen said that a shorter final stint might have kept him ahead of Alonso: “Probably yes, but it’s the same points for the team. In the end with this kind of circuit it makes no really big difference for myself and for the team, because it’s the same points.”

Kimi said that the team is making progress after a he’s struggled for a year to get the front end of the car to his liking.

“I think over the whole weekend the car has been more kind of normal, and I could drive it more normally. It’s been definitely better and the tyres lasted pretty well. It’s been going in the right way. So still work to be done, quite a bit, as a package, but we know that.

“Obviously every circuit is different, it depends on tyres and how the car works on a specific circuit, but it’s been a good feeling the whole weekend. So I expect we definitely made improvements, we understand things a bit better. I might be wrong but I expect we should be more comfortable in the next race.”

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Kimi Raikkonen: “I guess it can only get better…”

Kimi Raikkonen remains confident that his 2014 season can turn around after his recent run of frustration.

Raikkonen has been involved in a series of incidents and has struggled to get the F14 T to his liking.

“I guess it can only get better, what happened lately on my side,” said the Finn today. “Sometimes it’s your fault, sometime not, but that’s how it goes in racing. Obviously I think we are going in the right direction, but the results haven’t really shown that. But we know what we’re doing, so step-by-step we’re going to go where we want to be.”

Regarding the prospects of anyone beating Mercedes he said: “It’s very hard for anybody to challenge them for the championship. I might be wrong, but I doubt that. That’s how it goes. We’ve seen the past some years how it can change when one team is winning and it’s hard to beat. Our aim is to fix the things that we think are the issue and get better all the time, and obviously do the best that we can every race, and hopefully win races or be on the podium. We have to get stronger and sort out things for the future and upcoming races.”

Raikkonen says that the team can still tailor the car for him.

“The things people say are not always the true things. We have issues and we’re not as fast as we want to be. We just have to fix those, and obviously if we would be happy we should be winning races, and we’re not, so obviously there are things that we have to fix. It’s just many small things, and hopefully once we’ve fixed those we’ll be where we want to be. It’s a long process, it’s not going to happen in a few weeks.”

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