Sebastian Vettel: “It will be a difficult race…”

Sebastian Vettel starts the Austrian GP from a humble 12th place after losing out to Daniel Ricciardo once again, albeit by just 0.163s in the crucial Q2 session

Vettel – who qualified 13th but gains a spot from the Sergio Perez penalty – made no excuses for being beaten by his team mate,.

“First off I think he did a good job,” said Vettel. “On my side basically I did the same lap twice, so it’s not as if there was a lot left. There’s always a feeling when you cross the line that you should have been a bit better here and there, so arguably not enough to make it through.

“I don’t think that there was one particular corner that was standing out, I think it was just a little bit of time here and there.”

Vettel remains optimistic for the race.

“It’s always bitter when you don’t get into the next round, but then again from where we are now we get an extra set of tyres for tomorrow, so maybe that can help us to move up. I think generally in terms of pace it will be tricky, but I think there’s a chance to pass a couple of cars.

“We weren’t quick enough to go amongst the fastest group of cars. For the race obviously we always hope that they will be closer again and we can make a step forward in terms of looking after the tyres, getting the right strategy. It will be a difficult race but nevertheless we are always optimistic in trying to move up.”


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3 responses to “Sebastian Vettel: “It will be a difficult race…”

  1. I luv chicken

    I do SO enjoy Vettle’s sulking. Such a sportsman.

  2. kp1960

    But do you enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching Hamilton being beaten by Rosberg?

    Better still, did you hear that Alonso said that Massa was the fastest team mate he had ever had. Rather puts a few questionmarks over Hamilton’s talent, doesn’t it.

  3. I luv chicken

    You have me on that one. So much fun to see that bottom lip come out, and then Hamilton’s answers to media questions become one word sentences, when things don’t go his way.
    Leaves me with such a satisfied feeling.
    And the sunglasses? My sister had a pair of those. (Who was with Hamilton, and agreed, when the sponsor said that they looked good?)

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