Fernando Alonso: “We need to speed up some of the communications…”

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will start the British GP from 19th and 20th positions after Ferrari reacted too late to changing conditions in Q1.

The Italian team was slow to follow the general move to slick tyres, and by the time the red cars did switch over the rain had returned, and Alonso spun off on his one lap.

“We know that two Williams and two Ferraris were out of Q1, so definitely we did something wrong compared to other teams,” said Alonso. “Because when both cars are out of one session like this, when you are out at the wrong moment with the wrong tyre, that’s definitely something that we need to look at. It’s true that it’s happened some other times, and we saved, many times by luck – I remember being on pole position in 2012 here, and in Q2 I [had] passed 10 seconds before the chequered flag and we did a lap in very wet conditions. It’s something we need to look at, something we need to improve.

“But at the same time, it’s a very narrow line. If when everyone put the dry tyres the spots of rain that hit us in our lap came two minutes earlier, that no one can predict, these people would be in the wall now. They will crash, we would be in Q2, and people would say why did you put the dry tyres when the track is still wet. Now it’s easy to say why did you put the dry tyres when the track was wet in our case. We need to do better next time.”

Alonso acknowledged that sometimes the decision making process in bigger teams created situation’s like today’s.

“I think the bigger teams, they have longer procedures than smaller teams, so we need to speed up some of the communications and some of the things that we do.

“I definitely agree that there were some cars on dry tyres today a couple of minutes before us doing green sectors and we were in the garage. That’s something that we need to improve for next time.”

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