FIA made right calls on Vettel/Alonso fight, says Horner

Christian Horner says that the battle between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso at Silverstone was a fair one, despite some controversy about how much of the run-off area they were using.

Both drivers complained on team radio about their rival exceeding track limits, something that the FIA had brought up before the race. Vettel eventually got past, and pulled away to claim fifth.

“It was two guys going at it hammer and tongs,” said Horner. “And it was great racing. The problem is they’ve introduced all these rules about circuit limits. They’re both professional, they’re both going to be pointing out the errors of the other. At the end of the day it was great racing. Sebastian made a massive move.

“It was on the limit, but it was racing, firm racing. Seb made his move stick, and he was very, very brave. Fernando is the type of driver that you can go wheel to wheel with like that, and he’ll just about give you the space, but no more.”

Both drivers received warnings from the FIA about exceeding track limits.

“They were both on the limit. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. It would be wrong to penalise one of them. Fernando was benefiting at Turns 9 and 18 constantly, which Sebastian was quick to point out. And Sebastian was doing whatever he could to try and pass him.

“Charlie [Whiting] pointed out a couple of times track limits to Seb, and Alonso got a warning flag, which was for track limits. The problem is when you’ve got run-off like that, and it’s quicker, drivers are going to want to abuse it.”

Horner said that the FIA made the right calls: “I think that we’ve just made a move to allow a bit more freedom to allow the guys to race. I think that’s a good thing. The problem is there have got to be rules, but where’s the line? And you’ve got to give the stewards a degree of freedom to make sensible decisions.”


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3 responses to “FIA made right calls on Vettel/Alonso fight, says Horner

  1. Off Track

    They’ve been watching the FiFA world cup referees in action!

  2. Steve C

    I just wonder what the story had been IF Vettle had not gotten around Alonso? It was a good battle and it would have been a shame for the FIA to have stepped in and given a penalty to one because they got a little wide in one turn.

  3. Stone the Crows

    I’m thankful I fell in love with motorsports long before we hand to put up with this incessant dribbling about track limits and such. We’ve had working groups set up to improve the show and increase overtaking, yet it seems any time a driver does anything more than toddle along in single file he’s getting his wrists slapped for a rule infraction.

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