Mexico City set to return to F1 calendar

Bernie Ecclestone has signed what is believed to be a five-year deal to host a GP at the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit starting from next season, with an option for five further years.

Ecclestone today confirmed to Forbes magazine that “we have got Mexico past the post.” The deal been agreed with promoter CIE, with the support of the federal and Mexico City governments, according to local publication Cancha.

As reported here at the time Charlie Whiting visited the track last September, accompanied by Austin F1 founder Tavo Hellmund, who switched his focus to Mexico after being ousted from the Texas project. His late father Gustavo was a race promoter at the venue.

They were joined on that occasion by FIA Vice President and regular F1 race steward Jose Abed, who was also head of the Mexican GP organising committee in past years, and by a representative of circuit designers Tilke.

The track will need a lot of work before it is ready to host an F1 race, including a new pit and paddock complex, while several corners have to be realigned.

A Mexican GP appeared on a provisional version of the 2014 calendar, with a November 9 date. It’s reported that an end of year date is again likely, effectively twinning the race with Austin. There has been talk of the race running in June, alongside Canada, although it would be impossible for the work to be completed by then.

Mexico hosted a round of the World Championship in 1963-70, and again from 1986-92.


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3 responses to “Mexico City set to return to F1 calendar

  1. jo6pac

    Yep works for me

  2. Steve C

    Shouldn’t that be Juan6pac?

  3. Can we look forward to the Peraltada being sanitized by chicanes?

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