Power unit grid penalties – will Alonso or Vettel be next?

Several drivers face an inevitable penalty

Several drivers face an inevitable penalty

In Italy Daniil Kvyat became the first driver to take a 10-place grid penalty for using a sixth power unit element, in his case an ICE, or internal combustion engine.

The Russian’s troubles are not over, as he will now face a five-place penalty as soon as he uses a sixth example of any other element, and he will get 10 places if uses a seventh ICE.

Meanwhile with six races to go (including Singapore) several other drivers are on the bubble, and face an inevitable penalty. Here’s the full list of those who have reached five, listed in race number order:

Sebastian Vettel: ICE

Fernando Alonso: ICE, CE

Kimi Raikkonen: ICE, MGU-H, CE

Romain Grosjean: TC

Pastor Maldonado: ICE, TC, MGU-K, MGU-H

Adrian Sutil: ICE, TC, MGU-H

Esteban Gutierrez: CE

Jean-Eric Vergne: MGU-K

Daniil Kvyat: ICE (6), MGU-K (5)

Jules Bianchi: ICE, TC, MGU-H, CE

Max Chilton: ICE, TC, MGU-H


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5 responses to “Power unit grid penalties – will Alonso or Vettel be next?

  1. What about those on four? It would be interesting to see a list of that, presumably anyone on four must at least theoretically be at risk of a penalty before the season is out?

  2. Milky White

    Williams looks poised to benefit from reliability.

  3. XYZ

    A lot depends on if it’s 5 used UP, or 5 used ( but lots of life left in most of them).

  4. I’m sure they’ll need more ICE in SIN, good for Kimi I guess. The FIA sheet says nothing VDKA use – in which stage are the drivers on VDKA? Any potential penalties there?

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