McLaren bottom of 2011 mileage chart

McLaren has completed fewer testing miles with its 2011 car than any other team except HRT, which has failed to run at all.

Indeed chart topping Ferrari has completed nearly twice as many kilometres as McLaren with its new car.

The figures are skewed by the fact that McLaren chose to complete the first three days of testing at Valencia with its 2010 model. However since then it has still run fewer laps than either Force India or Virgin, who adopted the same strategy, underlining just how unreliable the silver car has been.

Even when the old and new car totals are combined – useful when considering the team’s knowledge of Pirelli – McLaren is still only ninth in the list.

The numbers do not include any straightline running (McLaren shook the car down at Idiada) or Ferrari’s Fiorano ‘filming days.’

Kms in 2011 Cars Only

1. Scuderia Ferrari, 6985kms

2. Red Bull Racing, 6129kms

3. Sauber, 5914kms

4. Mercedes, 5778kms

5. Toro Rosso, 5352kms

6. Renault, 5031kms

7. Williams, 4985kms

8. Force India, 4127kms

9. Lotus, 4084kms

10. Virgin, 3709kms

11. McLaren, 3603kms

Kms in 2010 Cars

1. HRT, 1949kms

2. Force India, 1308kms

3. McLaren, 1116kms

4. Virgin, 876kms

(Thanks to Forix for the basic numbers)


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8 responses to “McLaren bottom of 2011 mileage chart

  1. Mick

    Very interesting, and makes me very pleased about my small bet on Ferrari to win Constructor Championship at great odds (5/2).

  2. Rafael

    Its surprising the renault is only 6th.
    Any knowledge on the (estimated) number of race simulations?

  3. McLaren may be playing the old, ‘rope a dope’.
    Ferrari want this season badly.
    Red Bull is being… Red Bull.
    No need to panic. We wait for the season to start.
    I like what I see from Sauber. If there is to be a Knight is shining amour, I hope Sauber is the one.

  4. Robert McKay

    Fascinating stats, thanks.

    One little thing – you use “filming days” in inverted commas in a way that seems slightly….cynical?

  5. Tripod Ape

    This just underlines for me how Button and Hamilton are being badly let down by the senior engineers at McLaren. If Ferrari were performing this badly there would be a national outcry in Italy and heads would (rightly) be rolling.

  6. Syed

    Not to forget Ferrari ran only 5 laps on the last day of second Barcelona test as it was washed out due to rain else it’d have had at least 100 laps more mileage. I think it was a wrong decision by the red team. They should have followed RBR’s schedule.

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