Canny Rosberg turned Singapore retirement into learning experience

Nico Rosberg may have suffered a disappointing retirement in Singapore, but he was able to find some positives by using the rest of the race as a learning experience.

After he retired he changed out of his overalls, grabbed a headset, and then spent the rest of the race observing from the Mercedes pit wall.

“I just decided rather than going home I’m going to try and see if I can pick up anything that might become useful in the next couple of races,” he said when asked about it by this writer.

“Did I learn anything? Of course. I’ve never watched the other car live in a race, I’ve never watched the pit wall work together during a race this year, there are a lot of insights that I got.”

Meanwhile Rosberg admitted he had mixed feelings watching Hamilton win in Singapore.

“I’m split I two. On the one side I’m pleased that even though one car stopped the team was able to win with the other car, it means a lot to me when the team can have something to cheer for. A lot of the team had a good day, especially one side of the garage. And for the constructors’ it’s important that Red Bull didn’t catch up too many points, it was important to win.

“So that’s one half, on the other half I’m just disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish of course, because I wanted to have a shot at the win too.”


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3 responses to “Canny Rosberg turned Singapore retirement into learning experience

  1. Cabby

    Interesting that he says that, seeing the small positives things in a clearly negative situation is one important aspect of being a resilient person.

  2. Nathan

    Probably trying to understand Hamilton’s Fuel usage technique, how does he do it yet his faster than me?? hmmm

  3. Don Davis

    So Nico just “takes his ball and goes home” if things do not go well? I wonder what the team thought of him looking over their shoulders at Singapore.

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