Caterham denies rumours of legal action

Caterham has issued a statement denying rumours suggesting that legal proceedings against the team could prevent it from racing in Japan this weekend.

The team said tonight: “There have been unfounded and unsubstantiated rumours concerning actions against 1MRT, the entrant and owner of CaterhamF1.

An action was threatened yesterday against a supplier company to 1MRT. This company is not owned by 1MRT and it has no influence over the entry of CaterhamF1 or the entrant.

“Also contrary to uncontrolled rumours, all operations are currently in place at Leafield and the race team is doing its preparation in Japan.

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One response to “Caterham denies rumours of legal action

  1. I guess all the stuff these repo-men claim to have taken from the factory actually came from Caterham Composites?

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