Sebastian Vettel: “I think there have always been rumours…”

Sebastian Vettel has again downplayed the ongoing rumours about a potential future at Ferrari.

Vettel’s name has long been linked with Maranello, even more so since it became clear that Fernando Alonso is considering his options for 2015.

“I think there have always been rumours over the last couple of years, especially around this time of the season,” said Vettel. “I think probably more for Jenson; he already has 17 team mates for next year. I have been one of them, a couple of weeks ago, maybe next week I will be again. It’s not really in my head. At Singapore we made some progress and I hope that we can carry that momentum into this race, and that’s really where the focus lies.”

Meanwhile Vettel said that his season has started to look up since things began to fall into place for him.

I think it’s all the small bits coming together. Obviously we hardly ran the first half of the season, we had lots of issues in winter to overcome and then a lot of issues on my side in the first half – which is never great to get the right feeling and get things lined up the way things should be lined up.

“I think now we had a little bit more consistent weekends, a bit more time to look at all the stuff and I think it’s coming our way – but there’s still huge potential which I feel we are getting closer but there’s a lot of work ahead of us to make sure we extract it in the next couple of races as well.”

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