Vettel leaves, Kvyat lands RBR seat

Red Bull has pre-empted any announcement from its rivals by stating that Sebastian Vettel is leaving RBR – and will be replaced by Daniil Kvyat in 2015.

It’s assumed that Ferrari will shortly announce that the German is joining in 2015. Meanwhile the Kvyat news puts a stop to Fernando Alonso’s hopes of moving to RBR.

Vettel told Red Bull late on Friday night that he wanted to leave, and Kvyat was told first thing Saturday morning,

“I spoke to Seb, I guess it was about 10pm last night. He sat down with myself and Helmut, and obviously spoke with Dietrich. He said he felt the time had come to take on a new challenge. Obviously it was an emotional moment for him, for everyone. He’s been with Red Bull for 15 years, we’ve achieved so much together. He’d taken quite a lot of time to consider his decision. At the end of the day Sebastian’s his own man, he’s made his own decision.”

The team said: Sebastian Vettel has advised us that he will be leaving Infiniti Red Bull Racing at the end of the 2014 season.
We want to warmly thank Sebastian for the incredible role he has played at Infiniti Red Bull Racing for the last six years.
Since joining the team in 2009, Sebastian, together with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, has scored 38 wins, 44 poles and eight World Championships, including four Drivers’ titles and four Constructors’.  If you include Sebastian’s success at Red Bull’s second team, Scuderia Toro Rosso, the Red Bull total increases to 39 wins and 45 poles.
As we wish Sebastian well in the next stage of his career, we also look to the future with excitement, as the vacancy makes way for the next generation of Red Bull racers.
The Red Bull Junior Programme has developed some proven talents in recent times, including Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, who has excelled in the RB10 and become a three-time Formula One race winner in his first season with the team.
We’re pleased to announce that Daniel will be joined in the team for 2015 by another rising star from the Junior Programme, Daniil Kvyat.


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4 responses to “Vettel leaves, Kvyat lands RBR seat

  1. Michael S

    Good for Seb. Journalist love to point out you need to win a title on different teams to be a true great so go for it. I hope it is equal at Ferrari and he has not demanded some crazy #1 status.

  2. Tristrum

    Will be interesting to see who gets the other Toro Rosso seat. 2 rookies, one with almost zero car racing experience can’t be a good idea.

  3. Glen

    Okay, so now he’s leaving Red Bull the important question needs to be asked:

    Will he finally settle on one helmet design?

  4. Mick

    I can understand the wish to move and be a champion with a different team but I doubt Ferrari can do it for a couple of years at least. I would think developing a new partnership with Mclaren and Honda would be more rewarding even if they have to wait for success.

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