Rosberg admits to mistake while battling Hamilton

Nico Rosberg admits he made a mistake when trying to get a power boost while attempting to keep Lewis Hamilton behind him in Austin.

Rosberg wanted the boost at the end of the straight as Lewis was preparing to launch his passing move, but he inadvertently used a control that asked for boost at the next straight.

“I made a mistake because I used the wrong things to give me KERS,” he said. “I thought I was doing the right thing, but there’s a delay in that one, and if I do it with a button it’s immediate, and with a switch there’s a delay. So I never got the extra KERS, and that’s why in the last metres he got a good jump on me. That’s was a mistake that I didn’t know about.

“I went for extra boost, but the way I did it it only comes on the next straight, or it comes with a delay, so I didn’t get extra boost.”

Asked if his error had made a difference he said: “I don’t know, in that situation it would have helped of course. I think he was pretty committed anyway.

“I’m sure I could have done better. It’s a judgement thing, if I defend a lot, then he’s going to brake late on the outside, and try and get me on the next one. I thought to indicate that I’m closing the door would be enough t stop him from trying, but it wasn’t. I was part way over already, and I thought that was enough to make it clear for him that he shouldn’t try, but it wasn’t.”

Rosberg insisted that he’s not compromised by memories of Spa when in combat with Lewis: “No, definitely not.”

He said the positive outcome of the race was that he will take the title battle to the wire.

“Championship wise it’s becoming more difficult, but at the same time it’s is a definite that I have a chance in the last race to win, so with that in hand already, that’s worth a lot.”

As for winning via double points, he said: “It is what it is. I don’t care, As long as I have one more point at the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi. It’s the same for everybody.”


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2 responses to “Rosberg admits to mistake while battling Hamilton

  1. Lars

    While no talking head is commenting on this, I just feel like Nico has not been able to keep pace with Lewis since the FIA told the teams to stop feeding/coaching drivers from the sidelines. While clearly a talented driver, Nico is not a match for Lewis over race distances.

    • floodo1

      fortunately for Nico being fast over race distances isn’t the only way to win championships! Heh, some drivers win by persevering, others through practical luck, and a few through pure talent. Some through a mixture of everything. But the pure talent group is the smallest because they are almost always distinguished by multiple championships 🙂
      It’s been pretty obvious for years that Hamilton is probably in the that group … the same of which couldn’t really be said about Rosberg. Still, double points of not if Rosberg does indeed have more points at the end of the season then absolutely great for him!!! 🙂

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