Jenson Button: “This is what I’ve done for 15 years…”

Jenson Button provided a timely reminder of his ability by taking fourth place at Interlagos as speculation continues about his future.

It’s widely assumed that McLaren won’t have room for Jenson next year, with an Alonso/Magnussen line-up the most favoured combination.

Button ran fifth initially, and moved up when Valtteri Bottas had a problem at the second stops. Team mate Kevin Magnussen finished ninth.

“It was all pretty smooth up until the last pit stop. There was just a bit of miscommunication coming into the pits – the call wasn’t entirely made to come in. It was talked about what would happen if we did stop. It was just a bit of a miscommunication, we were talking over each other at the time. I did one extra lap, which might have cost us a place.

“It was a fun race. Straightline speed was a bit of an issue with the Ferrari, I had a great battle with Kimi. I enjoyed that very much. P4, a shame we couldn’t quite hang onto Massa.

“Judging the race was so tricky with tyres, but I think we did a good job. I pushed really hard on the first stint on the primes when I was up behind Bottas. I destroyed my rears trying to stay with him, but I thought if I could stay in DRS we can gap the guys behind. It was worth it, and it worked in the end. But I had to back off on the next stint to really conserve the tyres.”

Regarding his future he said: “All I can say is I feel I’m doing a good job at the moment. I’ve got nothing to prove. This is what I do, this is what I’ve done for 15 years. I’ll always do my best. Sometimes it obviously isn’t enough, but today it obviously was.

“All you’ve got to do is drive the car as fast as you can, and carry yourself as well as you can, that’s all you can do. The rest isn’t in your hands.”


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5 responses to “Jenson Button: “This is what I’ve done for 15 years…”

  1. Lars

    Do like JB. He really has mature from his early Williams days. If he does leave F1, which is looking very likely, he will be missed. Still, it is hard to see keeping him given where he is in his career age wise.

    • 360guy

      Not so sure. Jenson is well liked by Honda management based on history.
      Magnussen is good, but certainly not a fantastic talent. McLaren could put Jenson on a one year contract to get the car sorted and then go shopping in 2016.

      • Lars

        But he is significantly cheaper. And if Alonso can’t get the car sorted then what’s the point of bringing him on. The salary differential between JB and KM could be better spent developing the car.

  2. GeorgeK

    Ron’s ego is so shattered by lack of titles I think he will spend whatever it takes to get back on course, including a lineup of Alonso/Button.

    I believe Alonso’s endorsement of keeping Jenson on is due to his fear of getting pushed by a young and coming driver who wants to make his bones, ala his experience with the rookie Hamilton back in ’07, and witness Ricciardo elbowing Vettel off the top of the podium this year.

    Fernando may be one of the wiliest, craftiest F1 drivers of all time, on and off track. I hope he manages to bag another title with McLaren/Honda before he retires.

  3. CTP

    bring on vandoorne… if magnussen is only as fast as button, mclaren can do better…

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