Don’t count us out yet, says Marussia boss

Marussia/Manor F1’s Graeme Lowdon says that the team is still trying to race in 2015, despite not being able to get to Abu Dhabi.

The team made a huge effort to make the trip, and plans only fell through at the last minute on Wednesday. Despite the team not being present at the final race of the year Lowdon stressed the importance of resuming work on a 2015 programme if the commercial issues can be addressed.

“We got very close, very close to getting there – really close,” Lowdon told this writer. “Anyone who knows us will know that we only want to do things properly and it just couldn’t be done in the end. As a racing team you always want to race and that’s what we wanted to do in Abu Dhabi.

“There are various scenarios for the team, but to race it is very important to have a car ready for 2015, and that is what potential investors are interested in. They are interested in ensuring that work on the 2015 programme can be resumed quickly. Don’t count us out yet.”


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4 responses to “Don’t count us out yet, says Marussia boss

  1. Mick

    Now that they’ve missed final race will they forfeit prize money for the points finish earlier in the season even if they make the grid next year?

    • It would seem to me that when they achieved the points finish and, assuming Caterham doesn’t get 2 (or 3?) points this weekend, they should have earned the money, period. Of course, the “rules” may say something else, but anything other than paying them would seem highly improper.

  2. Stone the crows

    If they don’t have the means to make to Abu Dhabi they miss out on post race testing; do they have the means to make it to winter testing? Even the major players like Red Bull have in the past suffered from lack of testing on track, if they cannot do that then they will be continually on the back foot should they have the commercial means to go racing in 2015.

  3. Dany Bravo

    This is good. They should be racing in 2015. F1 season will be incomplete without any single team.

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