Ricciardo, Vettel face pitlane start as FIA investigates wing flexing

Red Bull Racing is under investigation by the stewards after FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer reported the cars of Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel to the stewards for a front wing flap flexing offence.

Bauer reported that the front wing flaps were ‘designed to flex under aerodynamic load,’ which in other words equates to the cars gaining an advantage via illegal means.

Adrian Newey and team manager Jonathan Wheatley have been to see the stewards to state their case.

If the cars are deemed to be illegal they will be sent to the back of the grid. However clearly the wings will have to be modified so that will be a change of car specification, which means that both drivers will have to start the race from the pitlane.

However the FIA could also take further action if the offence is regarded as a case of blatant cheating.

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One response to “Ricciardo, Vettel face pitlane start as FIA investigates wing flexing

  1. petes

    ‘….if….blatant cheating.’
    Comment on other piece where you’d allegedly reported ‘mounted on leaf springs’ – by what means could that not be construed as blatant?

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