Alonso forced to put his Le Mans dream on hold

Fernando Alonso looks unlikely to be able to squeeze the Le Mans 24 Hours into his 2015 schedule, despite trying hard to convince McLaren to grant permission for him to do the race.

Alonso attended this year’s 24 Hours and the recent Bahrain WEC event, and encouraged by friend Mark Webber he has been actively trying to find a seat – with Porsche his obvious target. The former World Champion was attracted by the idea of being the first F1 superstar in decades to try to fit the race into his regular schedule.

Nico Hulkenberg has been able to agree such an arrangement with Force India, but unsurprisingly for Alonso there are added contractual complications with McLaren and Honda. While the Japanese manufacturer is perhaps less concerned about its star driver appearing for Porsche, as opposed to a direct market rival such as Toyota, Nissan or Audi, McLaren’s own status as a supercar maker has complicated matters. There are also questions over clashes of partners such as Pirelli and Michelin.

Meanwhile confirmation of Alonso’s seat at McLaren is expected this week.


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5 responses to “Alonso forced to put his Le Mans dream on hold

  1. Stone the crows

    A few more years in F-1 and he’ll be able to fade away drive in the World Endurance Championship all he wants.

  2. Dan

    Unfortunate, but understandable in today’s commercial driven market. Similar to Nike sponsored NBA star Charles Barkley covering over the Adidas logo at the Olympics. When asked why Barkley said I can give you a million reasons. I’d like to see drivers be able compete in the Indy 500, Le Mans and F1. I think it would be memorable and good for the sport.

  3. GeorgeK

    Fernando, please take a page from the adventures of Mr. Kubica, stay away from differing series until you are able to devote 100% of your considerable skilz to that particular car/team/circuit.

    • 13mattb

      Of course Kubica could equally well have been seriously injured or killed racing or testing in F1, or ski-ing or flying in a helicopter or private jet…

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