Dennis planning to acquire majority stake in McLaren

Ron Dennis is planning to increase his shareholding in the McLaren Group so that he will have a majority stake.

Dennis currently owns 25% of the company, with 25% in the hands of TAG and the remaining 50% owned by Bahrain’s Mumtalakat.

It’s understood that as early as next year TAG and Mumtalakat will sell a chunk of their stock to Dennis, although both will retain a stake in the company, and no deal has been finalised as yet.

“No transaction has taken place, but the shareholders have had discussions on how to best facilitate and enhance the future growth of the McLaren Group,” said a McLaren spokesman.

“When and if a transaction takes place, it is not envisioned that the current shareholders will exit McLaren completely, and announcements would be made at the appropriate time.”


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2 responses to “Dennis planning to acquire majority stake in McLaren

  1. Steve

    Thats fantastic. I am with McLaren Honda amd i am shure this project is going succesful with Fernando and Jenson as a motivated and let me say yes the strongest Driver Team in the Formula One 2015…it is panning for 2016! to climb the Top.

  2. Peter Gillespie

    Speaking of wanting to live forever? Ron spent years grooming Martin Whitmarsh for this very role, exited the team, went to work on “the other things I want to achieve in my life” only to boot Martin and return. I hope he holds himself to the same standards, one or two bad seasons and your out the door. By that logic, Frank Williams would have terminated himself years ago.

    Despite my fascination with Honda’s return with McLaren, I expect Ron will be giving me the shits by mid season, even more so if they are competitive, he really is a dick.

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