Gutierrez confirmed in Ferrari reserve role

Having been dropped by Sauber Esteban Gutierrez has joined Ferrari as its new test and reserve driver.

He this follows in the footsteps of countryman Sergio Perez, who was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy before his move to McLaren. The Mexican has been talking to the Italian team since it became clear that he would not be staying with Sauber.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to Esteban who, although young, has plenty of experience relating to the new generation of Formula 1 cars,” said team boss Maurizio Arrivabene. “I am sure that, with his experience, he will make an important contribution to the development work of the team in the simulator.

“Welcoming Esteban also means opening the gates of Ferrari to a driver from Mexico, a country where the Scuderia still has a lot of fans, just as was the case fifty years ago in the days of the Rodriguez brothers.”

“It is for me the beginning of a new path for my future and I’m going to do my utmost to contribute to the achievement of the targets set by the Scuderia,” said Gutierrez. “I want to thank everybody for their belief in my potential; this will bring a great opportunity for me to develop further and get to the top in the near future. With all my passion and dedication, I’m now looking forward to the start of this new venture.”


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2 responses to “Gutierrez confirmed in Ferrari reserve role

  1. What is the thought behind this? Isn’t there are more experienced or more talented drivers available to be a reserve?

  2. Off Track

    This flies in the face of the “New Direction” and plunges the Scuderia into the darkness of self doubt. Are they being de-Hispanised or re-Hispanised?

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