A final chance for Marussia as auction is cancelled

Marussia could yet be saved before the start of the season after this week’s auction of the team’s remaining assets was cancelled.

A team source told this writer last month that an earlier auction, which took place before Christmas, would not seriously compromise the chances of saving the team. However, the second included the key equipment required to go racing, and thus represented a deadline.

The team remains in administration and still owes a huge amount of money, including over £16m to power unit supplier Ferrari.

A statement from adminstrators FRP Advisory said: “A planned auction of the Company’s remaining assets due to commence on Wednesday 21 January 2015 has been halted to allow for discussions to continue with a third party. Given the confidential nature of the negotiations underway we are unable to provide further details.”

Team principal John Booth told the BBC today that talks were “at a fairly advanced stage with a new investor – a credible investor. He added that “postponing the auction gives us a bit more time to explore it.”

Like Caterham if Marussia can be saved the team is expected to get dispensation from the FIA to use its 2014 cars, despite a rule change that affects the nose.


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3 responses to “A final chance for Marussia as auction is cancelled

  1. Gilberto Otero

    I would have loved for the team to be saved, I feel the do bring something to the sport, but for crying out loud, let the team sure with some dignity. Everyone knows that our is in its death throes. Every time teams speak of some mysterious, yet “credible” investor it turns out to be nothing. Just let it go…

  2. Stone the crows

    As much as I want to see as many teams on the grid as possible, as well as seeing Marussia survive, I just don’t see this picture getting any better. Its 10 days from winter testing at Jerez and they’re still trying to resurrect this team to go racing this year? What could possibly be accomplished against teams that have been developing for months, applying the lessons learned from the 2014 season?

  3. GeorgeK

    This only makes sense if the buyer is anyone BUT Haas. We would still be down one team as opposed to adding to the field. Marrusia AND Haas on the grid is what the field needs, not Haas replacing Marussia,

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