Alonso returns but still no more answers on testing accident

McLaren has confirmed that Fernando Alonso will return to the cockpit in Malaysia – with the rider that it will be subject to a final medical check at Sepang on Thursday.

However the team clearly believes that will now be a formality and that after missing Australia the Spaniard will be able to start his season next weekend.

Meanwhile the team still doesn’t have any more answers about the accident.

In a statement it said: “Since his Barcelona testing accident, Fernando has followed a rigorous, specialised training programme, designed and closely monitored by leading sports scientists, to ensure his safe and timely return to racing.

At the McLaren Technology Centre last week, Fernando met with his engineers and drove the simulator, to bring him up to date with the latest developments on the MP4-30 chassis and power unit. As part of that process he spent time with senior engineers, discussing the accident and reviewing the comprehensive data and analysis, all of which has been shared with the FIA.

While there was nothing evident in the extensive car telemetry data, nor anything abnormal in the subsequent reconstructions and laboratory tests, Fernando recalls a sense of ‘heavy’ steering prior to the accident. Consequently, the team has fitted an additional sensor to the car, to increase our data capture.”


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10 responses to “Alonso returns but still no more answers on testing accident

  1. JotaMG

    I really can nor will ever believe any more a word Alonso says.
    Just hope he does not finish like Schumaker.
    Because every sin has its price.

  2. Stone the crows

    If its true they don’t have any answers as for the cause of the accident, this is not good at all. This means there could be something there that could happen again. And if they find nothing, it tends to point back to Alonso.

  3. Tomi Tallgren

    I´m very much trying not to say that I´m already pretty sure that ALO faked the accident trying to avoid driving the poor McLaren car in Australia or AT ALL. And McLaren know this very well.

    We´re living interesting times – after seemingly endless negotiations with Mercedes HAM is reportedly now buying himself a private Ferrari road car. What could be happening….?

  4. DaveyM

    “A sense of heavy steering” sounds like an answer, and is probably consistent with a great big gust of wind. You know, the same cause as Sainz’s accident later in the day at a similar part of the circuit.

    And as for the injury, I can’t remember which one it was, but an Indycar driver said that since the accident was low speed and none of the deformable structures had to deform: as a result, the energy of the crash goes through the driver, which would be consistent with the concussion and resultant amnesia. It’s a very simple case of basic physics causing physiological and psychological trauma, so why people seem to be looking for a more suspicious cause is beyond me.

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